Is Touma a good character?

Is Touma a good character?

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He's a plot device and a self-insert for the author to interact with the new girl of the volume and the brand new science or magic thing he just discovered in wikipedia.

he wins though plot armour alone.
He's just a regular dude that sometimes negates stuff.

absolutely not. the worst story arc without touma is better than the best story arc with him except for maybe the Misaka clones and that's good despite touma, not because of. it's why railgun and accelerator are actually good shows while index is barely tolerable at the best of times


>a self-insert for the author
Nah, author self inserts tend to have a thick hard-to-replicate individualistic personality regardless of the emotional traits.
It's a reader self insert

>one of the worst characters to ever exist in anime/ln
>in the worst series to exist in anime/ln
Toutard isn't even a character. Kirito is a better character... Subaru is a better character.
Decuck is at least a character, trash tier of course, but a character nonetheless.
Toutard is an affront to good writing and so is Index as a whole, and I'm still surprised there are retards who want slurp up all the bullshit that cuck author shits out.

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yes and i love her

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opinion discarded

He has treated anime girls to ryona, so he's got that going for him.

He has his strengths and weaknesses. He gets an a-okay from me.

He would be if he had stayed death or faced consequences

The chuuni fights are pretty amusing. I especially enjoyed Acqua of the Back versus the Knight Leader.

>Is self-insert a good character
the answer is always no

No, and I can only imagine a fair number of people called him a self-insert bitch long before I did.

>Is Touma a good character?

Is Touma even a character?

I like him. He's silly.

Yeah, he's a good GAR protagonist, also the best comedic relief of the series

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Who's the main girl for him now?

He's barely even a character
Nope doesn't count for shit until he punches Mikoto

Yeh he punch woman and I hat ewomen so much its unreal

Dumb ESL


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I didn't know ESL was a race


Why does every villain use magic against him instead of just shooting him with a gun