One Piece:

I wonder how long the anime would run without the filler and padding?
>Wano Saga (149 chapters) = 50 episodes
>Whole Cake Island Saga (107 chapters) = 36 episodes
>Dressrosa Saga (148 chapters) = 49 episodes
>Fish-Man Island Saga (56 chapters) = 19 episodes
>Summit War Saga (108 chapters) = 36 episodes
>Thriller Bark Saga (48 chapters) = 16 episodes
>Water 7 Saga (139 chapters) = 46 episodes
>Sky Island Saga (85 chapters) = 28 episodes
>Arabasta Saga (117 chapters) = 39 episodes
>East Blue Saga (100 chapters) = 33 episodes

One Piece Kai could run 352 episodes, from the start of the East Blue Saga, to the end of the Wano Saga. Assuming One Piece ever gets the Dragon Ball Kai treatment.

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posting best panel

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Fuck Yamatroons and carrotfags

>the pure, unadulterated look of a woman that's completely fallen head over heels with the man that she puts her unconditional faith and loyalty into.
It's over Hancucks. Nami knows his dream.

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New nakama has arrived

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I really hope toei does filler hell between wano and current to pad things out for kino final arc. But they wont.

The World Government doesn't need buster calls to wipe out islands, they have a weapon of mass destruction from the void century but it's only controlled by the immortal true ruler of the world before whom even the Gorosei kneel

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Oh dear, another dogged contended
Welcome nakamabait, purloiner of merchandise

Keel before the winner

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w-w-what is she covered with bros?

>bonney was inside sea water
>as a little girl
>sea water negates powers

So her true form is a little girl????

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She’s gay. Pic related: her worrying about her wife.

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Carrot has plenty of room to get stronger with and without Sulong form, has a reason to sail out to the sea, and a reason to specifically join Luffy's ship. There's not a single reason to justify proving Perospero right and stuffing her in Zou with a horribly fitting position as its ruler. Oda is a fucking hack.

Post yfw Yamato and Carrot were filler characters the whole time

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All around me are familiar faces

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No you pedofag, it was the form she was in when she fell in.

She can be gay with Vivi and still be piped down by the Monkey D. Both Nami and Vivi love Luffy.

Wano was almost worth it for all the nakamafags to get baited and BTFO.

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Im so glad its over. Both got fucked over.

Just imagine a filler arc with a spaghetti western theme, as an homage to that "Wanted!" one-shot Oda did back in 1992?

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what part of water negates powers you dont understand??

Reminder that this is FINAL crew

No more members, not even Yamato. She is Gaimon tier SH, she will never go on adventures with the crew, she can be their tool to help them fight and that's it
And Carrot? No worthy of wasting time

So is Oda skipping Elbaf?

Cute and canon

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>Imu does THAT thing
>Sabo saw THAT person
>Caribou is probably gonna talk to THAT guy
THAT piece kino...

Toei can make anything up at this point since there is nothing tied to an island or final destination after Luffy gets off Wano.

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>Bonney bathing with Nami and Robin
>She decides to be a loli
>Nami and Robin molest her
>In retaliation she turns them in to lolis
>All three go at each other and have fun

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I hope those dreams come true

“Yes. Dont worry there will be LNs covering Usopps adventures through Elbaf once the series ends. Hope you rike” - Oda probably

She was apparently stuck inside of a Warm Waterspout vortex (caused by the clash in temperatures)


R.i.p Vivi, Sabo's dumb ass got her killed.

Why dies Akainu fear Bonnie?
Place your bets.

Scan dump are in the other thread if you guys wanna check them out

>her unconditional faith and loyalty into.
she just beat him and put him in a cage last chapter



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Forgot the pic...

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Admit it. He won in the end.

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I'm all in on Bonneycoin

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Cunny Piece

>vivi is not with bonney or sabo
Guess she is in Imu's rape dungeon.

You can’t sit here and honestly say Oda’s writing for Carrot up until 1056 wasn’t completely half-assed. Unlike with Momonosuke and Vivi, Oda didn’t go out of his way to develop Carrot’s role as a future leader. She has always been a follower. Not to mention with Shishilian and the Musketeers being the arms of Zou and Wanda helping with advisory, it kind of just makes Carrot out to be just a figure head.
Perospero told her to go back home and literally munch on grass and Oda added in that same chapter a moment where Carrot remembers Pedro’s words to “move forward.” No matter what mental gymnastics you try to use, Pedro has never once said anything that indicated his will was to be a guardian of Zou. He wanted to join the Pirate King when he was younger and he was infatuated with the “Dawn of the World”, something I’m sure pretty Pedro himself didn’t even know what it was exactly.
Not to mention one of the reasons Nekomamushi and Inuarashi use to justify their decision to appoint Carrot as leader is that she has experience being overseas with the Straw Hats. Carrot has only been to two places outside of Zou: Whole Cake Island and Wano. All of the minks have been to Wano, so that only leaves Big Mom’s territory as the only place that Carrot has gone that the other minks haven’t yet. That’s it.
And this is only the start of it.

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>Carrotfag "memes"

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Luffy told his crew to his COMPLETED crew. It’s over.
Pic related missing Jinbe but he was present in his scene

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Don't give them ideas no other anime would be able to compete with movie quality one piece every episode

Luffy told his dream*

and that's a good thing

She still wins in a lot other than the disrespect in Wano.

>Luffy: This guy's an Oni! "Onigashima"!!
>Nami: "Green Kaido!!"
>Chopper: "Green Mom!!"
>Sanji: "Shitty Mosshead!"
>Zoro: Shut up Number 4


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I read absolutely none of that. Munch grass.

Caribou bros we won!

This chapter was actually a 10/10

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This is actually pretty damn terrifying

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>Carribou is moved to tears
>Decides to stay with the straw hats

>doesn't reveal the dream
Feels to me that we will only know the dream once the crew is actually full.

Its okay bro, phone posting in bed fucks up all the time since the words auto correct to weird shit.

Forced Piece

Carrot will be cool in the war with off-screen CoC gains.

Yes, just like how Luffy drowned in Arlong Park because his neck couldn't be stretched underwater and how Chopper turns into a reindeer in sea water

so was imu not told that sabo is a logia and somehow expects him to die from this
also why did sabo even use an unprotected line

>oh my gosh, is that president buggy?

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namischizo is an abusive manipulative bitch that no one wants to be in a relationship with

Lotta references for (((them))). Even did a SHUT IT DOWN

Does Imu speak at all?

Koby is CUTE and spoilers are good

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Don't know about 10/10 but chapter was good.

I wanna know whether this was Oda shitposting about a meme and an intentional reference or just a coincidence.

Sabo is about to restore himself and see nothing but charred remains/outright shadows of the people that once stood there.

How fucking horrifying

Then Zoro walks in to tell them to shut up

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>starts a political movement
Freedombros...when did luffy becomes so cringe

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She gave them all she had, she did.

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Considering how far away Bonney is from pangea castle Kuma shenanigans definitely occurred probably involving Sabo and Vivi as well.

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why didnt Roger have women on his ship

This chapter made me realize that Wano broke me

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>jobs to perospero

Guess Luffy’s eyes in G5 aren’t red after all

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>Oda fucked up and drew Carbou instead of Carrot
He admitted once to rewrite any twist if the readers had been speculating about it too much before. We would have seen Carrot on the Sunny if we had been quiet.

cringe as fuck Loda really does lost it

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I’ve viewed this pages like 5 times and I still can’t believe it. Shirahoshi needs to summon the ocean kings to trample Imu’s bitch ass

The helms, Teach's fleet would never have a chance.

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This chapter and the past 2 have made me remember how fun the world outside of Wano was

Being isolated in one island for so long was just absolutely awful

>tfw no lego thousand sunny

Stop coping, it was always Carribou

>Back in my day we had to destroy islands manually, with cannons, and the whole thing was oraginsed with snails

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>really does lost it

Is Kidd and Law vs BM peak fever dream piece? That whole part of then raid feels like such a blur

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>Zoro: are you looking down on Vivi?! We all know how strong of a woman she is!!
Oda straight up telling people to not underestimate her

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dey ain't got no dawg in dem no more

So the WG has a fucking orbital nuke, why don't they use it instead of the Buster Call?

Bepobros, we are in

>That belly

>everyone insults him
>only responds to his boyfriend

THAT dog's girlfriend...

No that'd be Udon

The Wan Piece is real...

>Imu kills an inu
Oda took notes from Araki lol

It probably has a cooldown

Wish I was a sissy slut for a kinky girl...

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So do you guys think this was the work or Uranus or just Imu’s power?

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Is the rumor true about a editor who was fired for making Carrot porns?

because it didn't exist.

Okay well now we know for absolute certain that Imu has a normal body and a massive crown.

No, he was promoted to another role.

Its not only bonny but LOLI bonny

>winter island
Elbaf bros

I'm thinking we're back

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It's canon that Sanji has degenerate fetishes, so what are the chances he is a lolicon too?

Imu is also a loli btw

Good chapter

I've always found One Piece is the most enjoyable at the start of arcs and inbetween them

Naito unironically wanted to impregnate Carrot

Oda wrote her out of the story to spite his weird ass

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So fired? And the Carrot porn is real ?

Oda drones what’s the excuse for Imu not nuking Kamabakka island where revs are right now?

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>Oda wrote her out of the story to spite his weird ass
Telling stories to kids at the schoolyard?


Idk let me ask Oda

they're also going to blame the destruction on Sabo and the truth is, it is his fault.

Can you stop posting this character? I fucking hate being reminded of the most cucked character ever made.

I don't think the marines know they're there, do they?

It's 100% uranus.

It always made sense that the WG had an Ancient Weapon at their disposal, especially the CDs. And that they could use it to shake the Marines into action and keep others in line.
Plus, we have Poseidon (underwater) and Pluton (sealevel), so we needed a sky/space weapon and Uranus fit the theme. It's probably one of the most popular theories and it's nice that it's finally recognized.

we all know Bonney is gonna be revealed as luffy's mom, right?

Holy shit he destroyed his own fanbase

>>Wano Saga (149 chapters) = 50 episodes
Wano would actually benefit of additional content like actual fight and extra dialogues. The arc is literally cropped.

Given this is One Piece and not a flashback, they’re all still alive somehow right

it would be homophobic

They do, they wiretapped Kamabakka in 1058

That's still the Nakama carrying hype larper.

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It may not be a long arc, but by God we're getting it