Would you become a goblin in isekai if you were promised victory by the gods

Would you become a goblin in isekai if you were promised victory by the gods.

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Not if I have those creepy goat eyes, ew

I'm no rapefag, so no.

Can I be an orc instead? Maybe a werewolf? I'm fine being a monster, I just want to be a cool monster.

I'm not a rapefag, but yeah

>not chilling with your goblin bros, singing songs, living in the wild nature, pillaging villagers when you are bored, hungry or horny

I would die a virgin if it meant I didn't have to be a fucking ugly ass goblin

I'd fucking take kind of life if it means getting out of this capitalistic shithole

*any kind

>out of this capitalistic shithole
You've dropped your dilator, bro.

You're just describing Re:Monster.

I'm a goblin in every way besides physical already

Fuck no, gods like to lie and with my luck I'll end up the GS universe.

Speaking of which, damn re:monster was trash.

I want to reborn as elf-centaur in isekai. Elfs have a long lifespan, they are good in magic and there is always a long distances in these fantasy worlds, so I would always have a horse.

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Reincarnated as an Office Worker?!: I Offended God So He Returned Me Back on Earth as Punishment, Destroying My Dreams of a Slow and Peaceful Life in Another World!

Only if I can be the cute kind

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>promised victory by the gods
Think very hard about what form that victory could take. It is not guaranteed to be synonymous with a long, hedonistic life.

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>Lord of Cinder
great. way to fuck up the world by kindling the fire, idiot.

Only if I have goblin bros who would rape a cute adventurer together.

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Gods in fantasy settings are generally rather feeble and opposed by other gods, so no.

cucks be like
>the protagonist was not yet married to his fiancee so it's NTR

*it's not

>pillaging villagers when you are bored, hungry or horny
There's the rub. I'm not interested in hurting people like that.

No I wouldnt

>he likes to talk about "cucks" so much, he brings them up again
Consider starting asking for rent.

their gfs\cfs are already paying rent their own way, but thanks for the reminder

Amen brother
>Broke: Japan continuing with the “goblins are universally ugly bastard midget rapists” trope
>Bespoke: Japan finally hopping on the “huge-booba hyper-fertile goblette” train

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Rape is hot in porn, but I'd never want to actually do it myself.

It always annoys me when a series abandons its premise. Maybe I'm the retard for thinking the MC of an isekai would actually stay a weak mob, but still.
I also skipped the slime isekai because I was expecting that to happen, and based on what I know through osmosis, I think I made the right choice.