Pouring curry into instant noodles

>pouring curry into instant noodles
God damn Misato is a fucking genius

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I've done this with instant yakisoba and it's fucking amazing.

Isn't stuff like this normal or common sense to most kids?

do you think I was raised in nipland? you can also do this by adding a curry block in that instant noodle cup

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Isn't the block for like an entire pot of curry? I've never used that stuff, am I wrong?

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I bet she doesn't even know about adding tahini to ramen.

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I want to put my curry inside her

Nah, a Nip-sized pot of curry is one package. Two out of the eight blocks per package would probably be enough for curry rice for one.

>High rank officer of an organization that runs outrageous infrastructure and resources
>Lives like the average salaryman
I hate this stupid shit.

Ass and titties constructed entirely of beer and shitty food.

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this is completely and totally wrong. i use four of those blocks to make a pot of curry that's like 8 servings.

two blocks for curry rice for one? what the fuck? you've never made food in your life that's like 5000mg of sodium

I use two squares when making a single person meal of curry, would probably use half a block if adding to instant noodles

They copied this in Rahxephon with NotMisato doing something weird to her noodles. But Kamina accepted this and ate the noodles happily.

>eating instant noodles
Misato is a retard.

We're getting a lot more Misato threads than usual lately. Are anons finally realizing the solution to red vs blue is purple?


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it's just the cycle of retard general spammers. the urusei yatsura threads are going through the same thing (there's been a shitton of shinobu threads)

wouldnt misato have awful smelling farts with all the junk she eats and beer she drinks

logically speaking, absolutely yes. and whenever she uses the toilet, it must be unusable for at least an hour, logically speaking.

Imagine being Shinji and constantly having a boner from smelling Misato's lewd shits in the apartment

she would also technically be fat

with the way Asuka's personality is, she would hate to be outdone by Misato in such a fashion and would change her diet to try and create even more diabolical smelling shits and farts herself to get Shinji to notice her superiority

>The Asuka in the background
Kaji is in trouble

It's yellow

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