The fuck happened to Yu-Gi-Oh!?! Even at it's worst Yu-Gi-Oh! used to be a show for preteens with some edge to it...

The fuck happened to Yu-Gi-Oh!?! Even at it's worst Yu-Gi-Oh! used to be a show for preteens with some edge to it. Now they are turned it into another Pokemon/Doraemon garbage for toddlers. Like the Japanese audience is growing older, you might think that Yu-Gi-Oh! might want to get an older demographic but instead they going for fucking babies. Like Sevens and Go Rush!! make even Zexal look like content for adults.

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Because Takahashi got addicted to royalties and now the poor man is dead

It's ok (and normal) for long running franchises to change over time.

the adults are already firmly entrenched in the franchise via ocg/vidya/pachinko, there's no reason to market to them with the tv shows anymore especially since they'll just wax nostalgic for how much better the older ones were anyway. Everyone has more or less accepted that the TV show peaked with 5Ds and there's no reason to get your hopes up for anything else, ever, especially now that Kaz is kill

Yea 5D's was fucking lit but even Zexal, Arc-V and Vrains had it's moments and felt like real shows. This new shows feel like hot garbage and if I was 12 I would say it was gay, which btw was the age I got into Yu-Gi-Oh! so the original Anime didnt feel like that.

Get better at English you stupid spic.

>he defends a show for babies

it found the fujo audience
it keeps the fujo audience

to not understand this is to be but a child

how did we go from this

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>Now they are turned it into another Pokemon/Doraemon garbage for toddlers.
This happened to a lot of Japanese series primarily arimed at children. It's probably due to neurotic Japanese normalfags having a never ending crusade against "bad" things in media and stupid producers constantly self censoring to try to cater to societal pressure.

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fujo audience was there from the start

But it gets to a point that stops being cool. Like the card game itself is too complex for a 6 year old kid to even play this days with all the effects and shit so it doesnt make sense to market it to them. The marketing of pre-teens makes more sense and this new shows are poison to a pre-teen audience. Heck you know it's bad when they aint even thinking of importing the new Anime over here.

He isn't even the main character, idiot.

Didn't the original studio or something stop doing yugioh to do hypmic?

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Season 0 is still the best season.

Is it really so hard to understand? Younger kids are just a better demographic for toys than teenagers. If you want to sell stupid, useless, plastic or cardboard shit you better aim for children.
Pokemon and Doraemon are some of the most profitable franchises out there

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The audience kept buying the cards. The anime doesn't have to compete for older consumers and the producers of other card game anime like the shadowverse anime ignore older demographics because they know it's a waste of resources anyway. Build Divide was one of the lowest ranking seasonals both seasons it aired.
They imported the anime and video game. The reason they didn't import the card game probably has to do with konami of america discouraging it. And fuck these shit threads.

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They're already making a killing off the card game so they don't have to try that hard with the TV series especially since it's not that big anymore.

Plus the YGO anime/manga was never a huge hit in Japan, anyways.

Definitely an upgrade

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