Black Clover

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it registers in Asta's head where he is, he asks how he can get back, but Ryuudou says "Don't worry that Lucius guy will not make a move anytime soon"

Asta asks Ryuudou what a "Shogun" is. He says it's like the "Wizard King" from Asta's country.

Asta tells Ryuudou that maybe it's because he can't feel magic but Ryuudou doesn't look that strong. Ryuudou confirms. Tsundere woman gets angry and tells Asta off, calling him "stranger/outsider".

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of course she's a tsun

this is a tsun manga mate

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when did he become a samurai

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Our first look at magic in notJapan. Does it appear to work any differently?

How do you say ENTER in Japanese?

My bad this page is supposed to be after

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100% Yami's imouto

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in pages 6-12; those random bandits attack. Ryuudou moves 2 civilians out of the way before the attack, Asta is wondering if he saved the civilians "by coincidence"

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Ichika is Yami's younger sister.

"Yami" is their LAST NAME?!
After Ichika defeats the bandits in an instant, people cheer on her, saying "Yami-dono, you are the best!"

Yami is spelt as 「夜見」which is captain Yami's LAST name, spelt with Kanji!

Well... actually Sukehiro sounds like a first name more than Yami

Its actually a bit neat that it acknowledges the different naming system

They aren't using grimoires in The Land of the Sun. People use "scrolls" and not grimoires to produce 「妖術」(sorcery?)

>crushes your dick and balls
Naruto hyuga clan powers with rukia's design? really?
The eye patch will have a byakugan right.

>Its actually a bit neat that it acknowledges the different naming system
Agreed. This is actually such a nice detail. Truly notJapan in every aspect.