Seitokai ni mo Ana wa Aru!

>it's ok because he's a boy
I love Japan's weird censorship rules

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>he's a boy
If that is actually a boy that much gyno typically requires surgery. You're not fixing that one with red meat and exercise.

He is a boy, there is no problem there
You are a faggot by the way

Japan only censors genitals, other than that is up to the magazine/author

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It'll fix itself as he grows

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well then most magazines are fucking ass shit bitch nobbers, because i haven't seen an actual nipple in a mainstream manga it forever.

And don't get me wrong. I don't NEED nipples to be included in a manga at all. My issue is that the artist originally included them in his artwork, but some faggot then decided to put a fucking BLACK RECTANGLE or a white blob on top. Fuck that.
This retarded censorship kills the vibe.
I'd prefer my manga not have any fanservice at all, than all this bullshit censorship.

And pic related doesn't even contain nudity. It's a fucking swimsuit! Fully clothed!

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How the fuck would red meat fix gyno?

I hope another group picks this manga up

I like this manga, needs more tls

The new suzu seems wrong

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More like seitokai no ichizon than syd but it's a decent substitute

>because i haven't seen an actual nipple in a mainstream manga it forever.
What do you consider mainstream manga?
Which magazines do you read?

He probably thinks that every magazine is WSJ.


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>allows sex scenes
>just no nipples
>boy nipples are ok though
I don't understand WSM regulations.

even the WSJ has nipples

tits have never been censored in japan

I read some 44 magazines. Of those 22 allow nipples.

>Magical light beams and steam do not exist

Sensei gets raped on by bunnies

not even jump censor nipples

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That is not a boy.