Hell would be the best place to train in...

Hell would be the best place to train in. Imagine how much power one can achieve just by being here for a day and then coming back to life.

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Why would Satan give you free time to train? This isn't like prison where you have hours to fill. This is eternal skin flaying torment.

Hell isn't a place, user, it is the denial of God's Grace.

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Why would Hell be a good place to train in? It's a prison, not Mordor. Most of the people would be too busy screaming to do much, while the Demons would be bored office workers.

Go to Makai or the netherworld if you want constant fights and action. Hell is where you go if you want to meet bored Succubi complaining about their long hours pitchforking the damned.

Hell isn't a place to train
Its eternal suffering for your sins

Earth is the place to train your virtues and prove yourself worthy of heaven.
Hell is reserved for the ones who made life on Earth harder than it should be

Hell might be a good place to train only if you have freak anime physiology where stressing your body to the brink of death is more effective than boring normal training

I can't help but imagine hell being like when goku trained hyperbolic time chamber

Nah. Contrary to popular belief, demons are great philosopher, not some witty trouble makers.
Its why God cannot extend the eternal mercy to them. They are well aware of what they are doing but still chooses to go against God anyway

I saw an interview of an exorcist who swore the devil once came to cobfess in his confessional. He cannot remember much but he just knew it was not a human and it was full of rage.

They are great philosophers AND bored office workers. Most of the witty trouble makers rejected Satan and god and became the fairies of myth. I sometimes talk with one while I'm asleep, they like to invade your dreams if you go to sleep surrounded by Oaktree scented candles.

no need to imagine it, user

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it's not bad. was on SS (smiting strength) for a bit but you get used to it after a while. in the end you really have to change up your regimen to stay in peak shape, I tried repenting and got a free lift to purg and I gotta say lifting all these rocks has done wonders for my traps brah. but all the cardio here is gay as fuck

You don't get to keep your body in hell, user.
Even if you could just go there one day, it would be a day of torture that will traumatize you rather than make you stronger.

Or just a small reminder of what await sinner

There are plenty of bad near death experiences. From freezon place to just mourning blackness. Whatever awaits is suffering

>Hell isn't a place, user, it is the denial of God's Grace.
So earth

Because I'm special.

Hell is other people.

Earth has a mix of good and bad.
Sometimes more good, a lot of times more bad. But there's always at least some positives. Even if it's just small comforts.

Jew mythology lol

What if Hell is just eternal consciousness in an empty void with nothing to do? One of the FGO Lostbelts had a Servant go through something like this.

irrelevant. you go the plane without grace, fight, and walk 360 degrees to get back. it doesn't matter how it's defined
great philosophers go to purgatory wtf you on
doesn't matter, if they can fend off the damned why wouldn't they be strong? that they can do that proves they are strong. mordor likewise

forgot pic btw. this is goku preparing to train

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Ignoring what everyone is saying about Hell, what makes you even think the place is good for training? It just looks like a very hot swamp.

A better place to train would be whatever is the lowest point of the ocean.