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What kind of interactions Bonney will have with the crew?

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Hancock stayed on Amazon Lily after the timeskip because she needed to protect it.
Now if she stays she'll just put it in danger, plus Rayleigh and Shakky have returned to protect it.

What else would Hancock do at this point other than go join up with Luffy?

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Easting all their food. The Couchpo of One Piece.


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she'll lolify and shotafy everyone and turn some into granpas and grandmas

Boa Hancock will go to her true love: me

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Her movie? You'll watch it.

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>oh, that's right, I have to now get bonney and urouge to do something

>What kind of interactions Bonney will have with the crew?
Sanji will degrade himself more than usual.

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It's over...

I watched the camrip today, the songs were good, but Uta is kinda crazy in the head and not the good type of crazy either.

Be an angry cunt, her only personality trait.


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What will Sanji think of loli-Bonney/Nami/Robin?

>but Uta is kinda crazy in the head and not the good type of crazy either.
She just wanted her little brother to stay with her.

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>think we're finally free of wano
>Oda makes constant flashbacks to things in wano he could've just shown us before leaving
He's writing this as he goes, right?

>give up your dreams and die
That's not true love

What's wrong with her craziness?

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Bonney's going to make Sanji a feederfag, a lolifag, and a hagfag. A fucking triple threat.

where's the color spread

Sunny's grass is the tastier

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Ok Charloss

where's the raw

Zoro is the only one looking away, noticing something up with the Sunny. We're still in this Carrotbros

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She is going to beat everyone in the Straw Hat Grand Fleet and take over, develop it into a standing army just to reach Luffy when he is going to take against the World Government or BB.

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Built for BZC

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Why is Chopper just cute? He always makes those google eyes with the lashes face...


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I wanna go to the moon

>my dream is to go to the moon and find the rarest of the beetles

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Would Carrot have permanent Sulong on the moon

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Because he's merchandise.
That's all his character is these days.

Remember doomposting is a mental illness

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With the doctor label.

Whatever Luffy and Rogers Dream is, is the same thing on laugh tale.

Chopper is blushing, the perverts are happy and eveyone else is disturbed/confused

Chopper's doctoring could have helped with that

I think theres enough hints to believe that Hancock was meant to join the crew, but I just cant envision her fitting in with the SHs that doesnt prolong the manga by 50 chapters of sanji simp panels alone so I think during Wano Oda changed his mind and was gonna have Yamato as the 3rd female crewmate instead...only to change his mind again because even she would prolong things and hes in rush mode. I think when we come back to Wano for pluton Yamato will join then since it'll be less of a hassle, she already knows Luffy's dream and will only be there for the last major arc or two. Hancock in this new formula is harder to say, but I guess she just joins the final war on the SHs side? I just don't see how Luffy ever repays her for all she did for him (he promised this in panels multiple times) once the rescue arc was scrapped so maybe the debt goes unpaid and she just keeps helping luffy