Binge model

Explain yourself why you needed to finish the whole show in a day or two if you hated the model.

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Because spoilers. Because spoilers. Because you wouldn't be able to visit Any Forums without getting spoiled.

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>s-s-s-stop making fun of my latinx anime
I don't even have anything against the anime, never seen it, but it is artificial how much it is being posted.
fuck off back to where-ever you came from, shillfaggot.

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it's only 4 hours long and really good but would have liked to discuss it as it was airing

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It's time to make the doctors visit, user.

The weekly release model is literally only there to justify advertiser spending on television networks. Almost all television series that are not eternally ongoing weekly projects are generally frame-complete before they are dumped onto TV timeslots, anime especially included, and even if they had to skimp out or cut costs in many areas, it's still a complete work being distributed piecemeal each week. The "Binge" model is literally nothing but a full release of the series in one swoop. There is no benefit to weekly releases other than speculative buzz in fan communities and shit-slinging about said speculation. A full release can still have equally sufficient discussion and enjoyment.

>Almost all television series that are not eternally ongoing weekly projects are generally frame-complete
Define frame-complete.


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Nips need to get those foreign money laws into gear

The binge model is great when it drops all at once worldwide. It's shit when it drops all at once half a year after it's done airing in Japan.

>A full release can still have equally sufficient discussion and enjoyment.
But it never does.

Just filter the word Cyberpunk in 4chanX.

Binge model is terrible. I have only watched four episodes because it is my day off and there is nothing else to do, but I would have preferred one per week. A good show gets free advertisement from people enjoying it, anticipating what will happen, and commenting about it for months. Binge model a show is talked about for a few weeks and then people barely talk about it. Good example is Star Ocean.

Netflix thinks that waiting a week for the next episode is a nuisance that must be eliminated. That will be one of the causes of their doom.

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spoilers shouldn't really influence your experience of a show. it's one thing to want to experience it with everyone but that shit is shot the moment a batch drop happens. personally whether or not someone dies or not is so unimportant compared to the way it works into the story, which isn't really "spoiled" for you in a good story, even if you're aware of it. it's like, you can know what a painting is going to look at, know how something is going to taste, know how music is going to sound before you experience any of them and it doesn't spoil it for you, but literature is the one area where if you know the words already people start to believe they've lost the experience. I don't think that's really true

So it can be forgotten quickly like most Jewflix shill trash.

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Everyone dies in the last episode.
Mc's mom dies.

its incredible how all of your points are wrong. anime pays for their own timeslots; they aren't making shit from selling ads at that time of night. anime is almost never complete before it starts airing so binge means you get it later. and weekly means it doesn't get instantly forgotten like most shit dumped by netflix. keeping the buzz alive is way more important for producers of individual properties than just ceding your IP to the nebulous blob that is netflix who couldn't give a damn how it's released because their brand doesn't rely on that. it's why most shit you're getting on netflix is normalfag bait like aggretsuko, komi, jojo, and kotaro lives alone or glorified ovas and movies.