Dragon Ball Super

Did Goku really reach his godly status from hard work or was his saiyan genetics just carrying him?

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It's just shonen MC syndrome. Vegeta has canonically better genetics and trains harder.

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>Better genetics

Chronoa got BIG.

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Piccolo’s new form has grown on me.

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Why does height matters when ki pool and ki conductivity is what matters.

Goku was a low-class Saiyan warrior with a shit power level, and he built himself up. He deserves everything he worked hard for, even preparing his body for the divine Ultra Instinct throughout all of Super.

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>canonly better genetics
>a so-called low class Saiyan outclasses him

Yup. YUP.

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>Goten, Trunks, why'd ya stop moving? Using your ki control to breathe under water should be easy! Damn, they're too weak... You two better train in the other world. CHI-CHI COME HERE WE'RE MAKING A NEW ONE.

This actually happened.

>Anyone but Bejita fucking Chi-Chi
>No "we'll just bring em back with the Dragon Balls, WAKU WAKU!"
This never happened.

Laugh at Yamcha. He lost the most beautiful and rich woman he'll ever know to CHADGETA and now he relies on compliments from ugly aliens.

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where you at Tienfag?
ah that’s right, you BLBLBLBLBLBL LOST
don’t REPLY or you acknowledge I won.

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What is this bitch BLBLBLBLBLBLABBERING about?

Looney Tunes WARPED you.

He got access to divine ki thanks to a shitty ritual though.

Santa Jiren.

What if Goku and Bejita were BLACK

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BLACK GOKU's speech hit different!

Ho Ho Ho I hope you're all being good scholars this year.

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What if Goku and Bejita were BROWN

Their fans are

They are brown in the original manga.

What if Broly was Congolese

What if Goku and Bejita were WHITE

What if Frieza apologized

They are.

Genetics absolutely.
The Kaioshin designed certain races to perform specific tasks for their growth.
Saiya-jin - A warrior race - Starting and ending fights, being effective soldiers who can stay on battlefields for much longer than other races, slowed aging, zenkai boosts
Namekians - Mystic Dragon Clan to cultivate new life and protect the species + Warrior Clan fewer in number to protect the DC. Designed to only need water to survive because their duties in the DC are deemed important for universal development
Freeza race - Conquering and dominating - Born with exceptional power levels, intelligence, and cruelty to bring order into the universe by destroying unruly species and harvesting the others into his cause
Cerealian - Killing - Given a single red eye that helps with marksmanship and aim.
Tsufujin- Technology and science - Self explanatory
Yardrat - Cultivation - Designed to have abilities to promote the proliferation of life but are forbidden to use it outside of their domain.

Jiren would BEFRIEND them.

What if Goku and Bejita were YELLOW

Only Goku.

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>Bejita where are we?
>Kakarotto, look! Springfield...?