Cyberpunk: Edgerunners

If you hate, this show, please explain your reasons why.

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I don't hate the show but people need to check the fucking catalog before they create a thread.

Huey's too black sounding for me.

its pretty good but OP is a faggot

better than most anime today


Kill yourself netflix shill.

Why are there 6 one piece threads?

I'm not gonna watch it cause I don't like how it looks

not enough sakuga honestly.

You know he's not going to give you a straight answer, right? Apparently it's only a problem when something that isn't Dragon Ball or One Piece has 5 different threads at any given moment.

gridman didn't cause this much seethe

People are not seething over the show. Have you actually looked at the threads?


>Dragon Ball or One Piece has 5 different threads at any given moment
i hate those too
should be a containment board for shounen


"Bussin" the show...

It's another Akudama Drive, I hate it, all style no substance

Shit taste.

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fr fr no cap


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