Crazy girl mellows out after getting dicked

>crazy girl mellows out after getting dicked
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Kill yourself netflix shill.

Wait they fucked?

fuck off newfag, it's on pahe and every other pirate site on the net.
"gur hur netflux shill" like that's the real problem. it isn't. the problem is THERE'S LIKE 3 PAGES WORTH OF THREADS UP ALREADY.


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David walked her home gently.

Most do.

Yes, because of the netflix shills.

Except she didn't. Rewatch the entire thing at 0.25x speed.

Rebecca is so hot, but Lucy is so cute

Yeah, he only walked her home gently.

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be like david and take your meds.

Literally who?

This happens in real life

It's nice that they lost their virginities to each other

it's the best trope ever


>becomes a yandere
>mellows down

yanderes are very mellow if you dicked them down

Lucy is for Vanilla and cuddling

Rebecca is for everything else (you name it, hand, ass, pussy, ride, press, amazoness, etc etc etc) Till you unlock vanilla and cuddling

ergo Rebbecca is best girl

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I didn't know you could do all that with a corpse.

Go fuck yourself Adam

The cut of meat is still fuckable. Even smashed in half.

and summertime render is one disney but no one cares since everyone pirates it to begin with retard
kill yourself faggot

why is she so perfect?

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