Summer Time Rendering

Guys, why is Ushio so sexy? Why is she cute when she winks?

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Mio is hotter, cuter and smarter.

I hate white people so much

What is it with blonde anime girls and bushy eyebrows? Mugi was also like that.


We need more Mio


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Literally none of these things. Ushio is actually a pretty good tactician.

The first two are subjective but the last one is objectively wrong.

She's also hotter than Mio

Hizuru is the hottest

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She is definitely not

mio is better
and yet ushio acts dumb many times and died to the priest because she is dumb

Mio will never be better unless she wears a swimsuit.

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ushio is FAT

She's thicc in the right places.

That's romantic

With her hair peeking out?

Does shadow Mio always look slightly smug in the manga? Anyway, why does shadow Mio go deadpan while shadow Ushio has the full range? Mio isn't deadpan.