Prove you're not a normalfag by watching Peter Grill season 2 this fall

Prove you're not a normalfag by watching Peter Grill season 2 this fall.

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Watching something because someone else tells you to is peak normalfaggotry

That was the most popular show of its season among normalfags

Naked petite woman!! Im so going to FUCK that tight teen!

Where's her pussy?

wait it's getting a season 2?
if you're pulling my leg i'm gonna be mad as fuck.

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I did the subs used by everyone in the first season so yes I'm obviously will going to watch it.

I am unable to read the title 'Peter Grill' without my brain trying to correct it to 'Peter Gunn.'

Oh thank God her crotch is missing a line.

My brain always tries to correct it to Peter Griffin.

Mine always thinks Peterbuilt

Can't wait for that one autist who kept sperging about the goblin girl joining the harem to shit up the threads again.

She was the only reason I gave season 1 a watch


I only watch good anime, thanks though.

I liked her and the one red ogre dude.

Any recommendations for anime's like this one?

Will it actually feature pregnancy this time...?

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>wait it's getting a season 2?
They announced it more than a month ago, user

NO, MY ADS!!!!!!!

Same. I haven't watched a Family Guy episode since the 2000s but Peter's name is seared into my brain.