The first ever prescreening of Chainsaw Man will be DUBBED
Yep. Burgers will get to watch it even before Japs do. This shit is going to be prime EOP central like no other. It's like they didn't have the confidence that it will do as good as SxF or JJK in Japan at all, which isn't far from the truth anyways but still.

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I am so incredibly hurt and disappointed right now.

Capeshit marvel tier show for a fitting audience

It's over.

there was already a prescreening in september in japan...

fuck off

OP is a fucking retard lmao

Nah. Marvel capeshits are actually competently written.


>angloid dubs
Can't wait for the Gamergate jokes!

No, Any Forumscksucker.

Hahahaha, maybe 5 years ago, now it's cw/isekai tier.

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>Marvel capeshits are actually competently written
This is who I share this board with

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I stand by what I said. CSM is below capeshit in terms of writing.

Is this true? Seems like false.

I believe you but proof?

He made it up, the first ever pre-screening will be held on September 19th in Tokyo for 300 people

it's false. it's pre-screened sept 19th in nipland

$100 says Aleks Le is in the cast somewhere.

Wait, doesn't this still prove user's larger point that it still will be screening in Japan before Burgerland in September?

yeah this guy is having a schizo moment. They're talking about the same september event.

Will CHADnica Rial voice any female in this series?