Urusei Yatsura

New key visual just dropped.
You're gonna love this anime.

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Should have remade ranma instead

anime for niggas who get no bitches and stack no paper

Oh damn it starts Oct 13? I gotta hurry up and finish the OG series then.

Who are those 4 guys behind Sakura?

So, Megane is there with his design from the manga. Chibi also there. This reminds me that when the manga briefly featured them in some late chapter the 2nd anime staff didn't seem to realize Megane and Chibi were redesigns of manga characters and just featured them as separate minor characters for one scene.

I guess Perm got replaced by Kosuke though?

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Tsubame with the cape (Sakura's fiance), Megane and Chibi with designs closer to the original manga designs and the brown haired one is probably Kosuke, Ataru's best friend from the manga.

I guess Umayuru's the only show left now that hasn't announced its starting date.

Are y'all excited?

But where is Perm? he's the best one.

Well, even if that is really Kosuke it seems like he'll get lumped with Megane and Chibi, so he'll effectively be Perm, who already stole material from Kosuke in the original anime.

Not really. This art looks kind of bad, and why the fuck is ran floating? It's not like she can't run. I can't blame the guys at davidpro though, why wouldn't you half ass some shitty reboot the execs are shoving down your throat?

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No Perm, no buy. Blunder of the year, f this censored remake.

OH God what did they do to Shigeru Chiba?

fuck off back to r/uruseiyatsura
this general is dead, the least you can do is not use it's husk to shill

>no character shading
already dead

I’m gunna give it a shot because I have always enjoyed a good fap to Lum’s sexy body.

The 2008 OVA looks better than this garbage and that's already a low bar. I'm sure the zoomer lum coomers won't give a shit though because they've got oatmeal for brains.

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only if they bring back the bri'ish dubbing

You made a good point. Hope you can still at least take something positive out of it

Holy fuck that looks worse than 90% of fan art, which is already a low standard.

It might actually be good. But have you noticed how they've barely shown any animation? Or how they decided to hype up fucking Kurama and then just causally dump (most of) the stormtroopers and Ryunosuke despite them being much more important characters? It just feels like they're making a ton of retarded decisions, and the real issue is that it might actually fuck up the common perception of this franchise in the west.

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That's the OVA though, not the new anime.

I find that hard to believe

this isn't bad if it was some random nip artist starting out on twitter
but holy FUCK this is official? everyone looks off model as fuck and lum looks mentally retarded with a mile between her eyes
also why the fuck is everyone becides lum so fucking angular? whoever approved that design choice should be thrown into a freeway