Cyberpunk: Edgerunners

Why did Becca blasted her brother's corpse like a complete psychopath?

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Were they actually siblings?


Because he was dead already.

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We saw with Lucy he was a pretty handsy type.
Might have fucked with her a bit too.
That and more likely she is just a complete psychopath that doesn't deal well with grief or emotions other than blood lust and sexual lust.


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More Rebeccaposting.

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Bro probably told her if he was ever on the edge to just finish the job. Or maybe he did something to her.

Why did everyone stick with David before the last job when he was clearly losing his fucking mind with a high chance of killing everyone around him

Why does Any Forums say he's not black when he looks very obviously black is here during his psychosis?

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Want to face plant right in her crotch while she leg locks my head like this.

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>Why did Becca blasted her brother's corpse like a complete psychopath?

It is a mystery. Probably gave her sis a loli cyber-body or some shit intentionally or some shit.

>tfw no playable loli cyberbod ingame

Well Kiwi for one. And the girls fell for him.


Wow, Cyberpunk is actually based?

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Kill yourself netflix shill.

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>going into this anime thinking it'll be shit
>it's absolute kino

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so your rebuttal was a very asian looking man as proof why Maine is black

That's why I continued to like Kiwi even after she betrayed the team, only smart enough person to GTFA from the bomb that is David

always was
the lore is kino

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-t black kid desperate

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she was angry that her brother got careless and it got him killed.

Do people actually like this anime or are they all just borderline pedos who like watching underage girls fuck brown guys?

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For the ending, either:
A)Show Lucy removing her helmet on the moon.
B)Show Lucy pregnant in the apartment looking at David's pictures.

Otherwise, a solid 8.

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>takes place in the United States, California
>anime has shown that diversity is our strength
>prolific black VA in eng dub
>black facial features
Cope, seethe, and dilate incel

Edgerunners is everything I wanted Megalo Box 2 to be. Guy ruining his body chasing greater heights, well written character deaths, and a bittersweet ending that will actually be remembered.

Yes lucy looks very american

The true victim

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Why do you keep posting this? It was ignored precisely because it's dumb.

Rebecca literally states that he started to zone off only recently. They probably thought it has to do with Lucy leaving the crew and Maine's death, not him actually going cyberpsycho. When he had an episode (when he shot an arasaka woman) he mostly played it off.
Besides, a lot of cyberpsycho tics can be attributed to just poor mental health because of the whole edgerunner night city nigger culture, so it's hard to tell before they start shooting at everyone.

who says they can't be both

Yes, Americans can be other races other than white.

Here's your dilator, incel

But tan people can only be black according to you

>becomes a complete fucking Chad

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I only stated the obvious, a black character being black?

You probably one of those autists who think Maine is white bc he dyed his blonde lol

All I see in Edgerunner threads are pedos jerking off over Loli, wishing Lucy would get impregnated by brown guys or Any Forumstards talking about the god awful shitty video game.

Hes not black
Source: the animator

get fricked ni**ger boy

I'm getting ready to watch this right now, subs are the way to go for this one yeah?

Then you're not looking very hard. There's been tons of lore discussion.


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>source: your smelly asshole
Maine is a brother, die mad about it incel

frickin based!

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V should go to the Moon and fuck Lucy

Man I fucking love the way the show David using that augment. In episode 9 when he's on the truck hyping himself up and you can see them trailing behind him even though he's not moving was cool as shit.

The subs aren't great. The Japanese dub itself is though.

I asked in last thread but it died right after, how do people actually fuck with as much chrome as Dorio, David, and Maine?

Or, she goes the way of Rogue as Fixer and future DLC mission giver. Lots of hints in the game for space, moon, and Mars.

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why the fuck are there so many scenes of dudes masturbating in plublic. the fuck?

Im the animator, and I never said that.

Ever had cybersex?
Now imagine real cybersex with nerve manipulation


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cyber sex

They don't use the slang in Japanese but they do in the subs, which is good because I don't know a single fucking thing about the Cyberpunk: 2077 universe and would've never known they say choom and gonk.

They do also use the words "simp" and "boomer" though, which is weird as fuck, but it only happens one time so it's forgivable.

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Dick implants. Unironically.

based sammy sonic super fan comin' in clutch with the backup, you can join my crew any day choom

Simon says: based DM poster

>replying to your own posts
take your meds, incel you've lost this little back and forth

why are you replying to posts that don't concern you? you seem really upset that you lost.

>Ever had cybersex?
I haven't even had real sex nigga

when the world really sucks you stop giving a fuck

Because that's what degenerates do, user, and this world is nothing if not the apex of human degeneracy.

Damnit Doug!

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>he's still going
You're just the gift that keeps on giving, incel lol

You ever see a homeless guy jerking off in a subway station? Okay, slap some chrome on that and you've got the world of Cyberpunk.

>he watched the subs
I really hope you didn't do this

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The setting has vagina and dick chrome implants. Supposedly they're better than the real thing and you can control how good it feels. Lucy also has more chrome than she lets on I bet.

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tfw no Becca gf

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There’s a japanese gang that speaks japanese with the english dub
Dub is the way it’s meant to be watched

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Simon Phoenix is a natural fit for Night City.

>there's a certified schizo in the thread RIGHT NOW, move to the secure thread

Jokes on you, frickin frick!

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Lucy's tits got bigger after the timeskip

I hear you can pull the english dubs subs and use them on the japanese dub if you get them through one of the torrent files. That'd make for a better experience.

Why didn't they just send mercs to capture Doug when he ignored their financial aid lure?

So now that its established maine is a tan white man, how do we become him and dab on Nwords?

Is that augmented spinal cord in her back? Better for conductivity while netrunning I suppose.

you aren't fooling anyone, incel. Anyone can hide the (you) in mspaint.

No matter what mental gymnastics you peform and weird made up gaslights you tell yourself, Main is black and proud and aint nothing you can do about it lol