DAILY Dumbbell Nan Kilo Moteru?

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156 (You) (Cross-thread)
157GET OFF YOUR ASS Any Forums ITS TIME TO WORK OUT with cute dumb girls doing FIT things!!!!!

This series is on the same universe as Kengan ashura / Omega by the hack writer Sandrovich.

Its time for the rest of Volume 18

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Ch. 158 - Low Bar Squat

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tomorrow is the lasty day!


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I thought you were dead.

I've been living under a rock and missed the last few threads. Thanks for sharing, OP

Oh, hey there, OP. I must've missed your earlier threads (I only popped in last Sunday, work and all).
Dang. Chapter 158. You've only got 1 chapter left before 159 days of "Daily Danberu" is up. Something that started in, what, February? And now it's halfway through September...

Anyway, I hope people have been checking this Daily and learned a thing or two~

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they banned two times lol