Made in Abyss

"Ya know, they say the Golden City turns even junk into gold."

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Reg gets to impregnate THAT?

>two weeks until the final episode
>one month after that until OST
>6 more months after that until new chapter
>an eternity until that Riko dakimakura becomes available to the average person

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So was there a new episode today? I've been busy learning to drive a train today and havent thought to check :)

What the fuck is his problem?

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six more months until next chapter? Fuck me I need that memory stick. This is why I read old stories.

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Reg knows better than that, thanks to Jiuro's teaching. The abyss is not the place you want to be dealing with unplanned pregnancies.

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Yes, go watch it. Just be prepared for that smile to be turned upside down, but in a good way, I guess.

Since Hablog is busy in layer 2, he came to do the penis inspection in his place.

What’s that in the bottom left

He’s joking. It’ll probably come out in November/December

A backpack.

Tepaste's nipples!

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Post them faggot

Newfags don't know manga official nipples are okay, please be patient with him.

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>Narehates are called hollows
>Their souls are in tact and some didn't lose their humanity either
What did really they lose?

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There are lots of Japanese words that do not translate into English very well. I think narehate is one of them.

>are okay
Under spoiler. But I guess they don't care unless you're being obnoxious about it.

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I like how Tsukushi drew Tepasté in many suggestive, full body poses yet for Cravali he only did the face.

They don't have to be under a spoiler as long as it is from the manga itself. Fanart and doujins and shit do not apply to that, even under spoiler that is not allowed.

Imagine having a deneuralizer and using it solely so you could watch the Mitty and Nanachi stuff over and over again for the first time.

Too much testosterone makes them bully everyone.

Not that user, but if I were to guess, would a more accurate translation be related to Shjno faith/spirituality and Japanese collectivist society? Something like, “losing one’s capacity for normalcy”?