Fall Season

Fall season looks pretty sick.

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>chainsaw man
>Blue lock

wow nice, 4 pieces of garbage and two actual shows


Why did you post a bunch of shounenshit?

Do you even like anime?

I love anime. You posted 4 pieces of goyslop an two actual shows.

I agree only 2 of those are worth watching but stop it

opinion disregarded

5 of those are in my filters already.

Sorry, would you prefer some isekaii haremshit?

spy x family is cheap garbage and I'm tired of pretending it isn't

kill yourself

Preferable to 300 episodes of boku no pico academia or any over shounen jump sludge.

I'm unironically looking forward to CSM, SxF, and Mob Psycho.

>action, comedy
>action, comedy
>action, comedy

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>a bunch of complete shit and mob psycho
>SOL and other garbage
>madhouse doing some terrible shit that doesn't even use their talent again like they lost a bet
>horror show that is guaranteed not to be scary at all
Sweet, another season of watching nothing but backlog shows.

>Reddit Man
>Reddit x Family
>Mob Reddit
>Boku no Reddit
>Blue Reddit

Worst season this year by far

>Reddit x Family

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>bleach semen

No, get better taste and stop consuming garbage like Bleach. You should consume actual bleach though.