Whos your favourite Any Forums bros?

whos your favourite Any Forums bros?

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Uhh the one on the right.

She's the sexiest and funniest.

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the correct answer

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i want to marry and impregnate (in the schoolroom) the asobis

I always pick the blondes.

Olivia of course

the stinker

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Asobi Ass so based

Why can't she speak English?

iirc she grew up in Japan but puts on an appearance to look cooler
meanwhile the geisha looking girl has perfect english

Definitely Kasumi, even if she is a filthy fujo

out f those three kasumi, but i like chanel the most
anime season 2 when

Find one flaw.
Hard mode:you can't

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Kasumi is easily one of the best megane girl designs of the post-Nagato era

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Is there anyone besides the mangaka that likes the new cast more than these?

She doesn't have the level of cake Hanako has.

Lamao funni face exprestion.

this but unironically

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I'll go with Olivia. The other two are too horny for me to handle.