Can make endless copies of items with more magical power than he even has

>can make endless copies of items with more magical power than he even has
Fucking how does that make sense?

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his reality marble works on different rules than actual reality.


Reality marbles temporarily overwrite reality, they don't have to make sense. He only has to supply enough magical energy for the reality marble itself. For comparison, Iskandar wouldn't have the mana to summon his army directly either, which contains heroic spirits stronger than himself.

I don't think they are exact copies, are they?
They are worse than the original but since he's overpowered he can buff them to make them just as strong

FGO said all reality marbles generate there own mana on the level of the age of gods early on.

This sounds kinda dumb, doesn't that mean that shirou could just use the mana from his reality marble to fuel it if he strapped ice on himself to stop from melting his insides?

>trying to make sense of nasuverse
This is rule of cool land, Make one question and you've put much more to it than nasu and fans have.

It's a teenage power fantasy, it's not required for it to make sense.

Did you not see the show? He need part of Rin's magical circuit and mana support in order to make the reality marble possible. He can't do it by himself without her support.

He was able to project fucking Caliburn without Rin's energy and without the reality marble at all, making it far less efficient. And the very idea of the reality marble making it possible is flawed since you can create shit inside of it without fully summoning it, and then take that shit outside with no consequences. It's bullshit user, just accept it.

you don't really know how his magic works do you? It's about him realize that he can take the weapon that is in his reality marble and not the creation of it since he doesn't know about UBW in the Fate route. He has enough circuits and mana to do that as he overloads himself, but he can't do it for long and with many other weapons. Him using UBW with Rin's magic is him at his peak at the time unlike his Fate version. You just don't know how his magic works in general.

>Comptiq 2006-10 issue - Fate Dojo Q & A
>Q: Is it possible to recreate swords consumed or broken within the bounds of Unlimited Blade Works without the use of prana?
>A: The prana expenditure required for the formation and upkeep of the Reality Marble would be continuous, but armaments already formed upon the deployment of the Reality Marble would be without cost. However, the recreation of items destroyed and the fresh creation of items not in existence at the time of deployment would expend significant amounts of prana.

He's a freak of Nature, actually. In the visual novels when Rin and Saber find his shed of projections they're horrified because THAT'S NOT SUPPOSED TO HAPPEN. A projection is usually cast over an object, and then the object returns to normal when finished. Projections made from scratch require more mana and are more fragile because the caster isn't just modifying some properties of an existing item.

The holy grail war is all about obtaining a source of mana that can't realistically be exhausted. It's magic beyond the limits of magic, a SORCERY. The three families work together for a ritual that MIGHT succeed in giving them a path to the Root. After 200 years of failing to pull off the ritual successfully, this fucking amateur barely a magus is breaking the laws of conservation of mass and energy in his shed as part of his morning routine, and doesn't know it. In the Heaven's Feel Good End epilogue, the dimensional hopping Zelretch even visits because someone's momentarily managed to reproduce the great sorcery he's accomplished to make him famous in the first place. Even for a reality marble that substitutes the laws of the world for that of their inner world, Unlimited Blade Works is busted. The anime does not convey properly the true extent of Shirou's abilities, even when restricted only to the concept of the sword. It's sorcery, I ain't gotta explain shit.


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That is how it is supposed to work when done competently, but Shirou isn't competent for 95% of FSN. The only time he grasps the concept of his/archer's reality marble is at the very end of the UBW route. Every other time he projects something is bruteforced without it and far more strenuous on his circuits. Caliburn in fate, the dual wield swords (fuck their names) in UBW, and rule breaker/rho aias/excalibur in HF. In HF it's stated he can't use the reality marble at all because Archer's incompatibility fucks with it, to the point it starts killing him from the inside.

And regardless you still didn't address how Archer can use the marble so freely and efficiently without it ever being properly summoned, and how he can take whatever he makes outside of it with virtually no consequences. It's not like there's even a significant time limit on his constructs, since the traces last much longer than standard projections anyway.

What heroic spirits does Iskandar's RM even have? All I've seen of it are mook soldiers.

>shooting werks
>stop shooting
>start jobbing again
Truly, trained by Kerry

Watch better anime if you want stories that aren't full of asspulls.

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Not confirmed beyond a few names, it's not important. All of their stats are ranked down to E, and I don't think they can even use their personal NPs. Also the "stronger" servants was probably in reference to pure combat proficiency in life, which is completely reasonable to expect to happen with a king compared to thousands of soldiers. But none of them are nearly as famous or with as good NPs, so they would be far worse as servants than Iskandar.
It's the same relationship between Artoria and Lancelot, the "strongest swordsman" of the Round Table.

He doesnt create swords. He materializes his own origin of to be made out of swords into Reality marble. Basically whatever sword he sees he can materialize as part of his self and project it to real world. Shirous power can barely be categorized as projection.

Miyu Shirou is still based.

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>enough magical energy to create a setting that alters reality and make endless copies of something
>but not enough energy to make endless copies of something without the ability to alter reality

So the fanfic theory about him having Denial of Nothingness is true?