Cyberpunk: Edgerunners

he gave Rebecca the facefuck David denied her

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Reminder that this show is racemixing propaganda.

She's with her bro in heaven now

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Manlets know your place.

>david, pilar, and rebecca are latinx
we can't stop winning, mexicanbros

>white muscle girl fucks a black guy
>white main girl fucks a mexican
>white best girl in love with mexican
>white guy dies instantly

Inside hot loli cunny?

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She's gonna blow her brains out after the credits isn't she?

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Pic related

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If anyone get hold of the original soundtrack, aside the tracks from the game and other licensed tracks, please do share

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David is from 6th street so he's a NUSA leftover i.e amerimutt

she's a mox, she's not actually white.

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los mexicanos son el tumor deforme de los gringos, no te llames latino frijolero

She's going to find a real man in V and get her brains fucked out.

Stop replying to racebaiters.

That's what I said. Mexican.

>genre about future
>People are mixing
Who would've though!

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shills still making useless new threads, pathetic marketing netflix/cdpr, u deserve to go down.

>noooo just stop noticing
>black male white female is so stunning and brave
>ummmmm excuse me? why do you have a problem with racemixing?
Fuck off

There are countless anime where the main character is a Japanese male and the heroine is a white female. You wouldn't watch most anime if you cared about this shit.

her nipples are blue. do you forgive her?

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Funny how it's always the men that are dark skinned and the women that are light skinned.

the story kinda drops off after maines dies although the ending was done well
just wish the subtitles werent absolute dogshit

>americans return from their wagie cage
>buzzwords and black cock spam returns

Reminder this just the first episode in…

>exaggerated emphasis on poor brown kid being out of place in rich prep school just because he’s poor and brown
>bullied by comically evil white classmates for no reason other than being poor and brown, of course
>muh free healthcare plot point
>obvious set up for interracial love story

This is just episode 1. Don’t listen to the paid Netflix promoters on this board shilling this trash.

there are no white people in cyberpunk. everyone is mixed race and they change their appearances with chrome upgrades. stop injecting your race politics into the mix because it literally doesn't exist in mike pondsmith's world.

>Got betrayed by Maine
>Assumed the worst of her remaining friends and betrayed them
>Realized at the end they were never going to turn on her and that she behaved like a cunt
>Does what little she can to help before she gets whacked
Could be worse, I forgive her cause she was hot

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Here is the source for the Lucy stuff:

>>Got betrayed by Maine
>>Assumed the worst of her remaining friends and betrayed them
nice head canon

hmm that guy with japanese name was white?
you aren't even trying

>not the first post by this IP
>spamming the same text in every thread
>calling anyone a shill
You keep saying that word…

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>Jobless Europoor using the last of his laptop battery because he can’t afford his electric bills anymore to jerk off to interracial cartoon porn on Netflix

>no edgerunner gf

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Stop replying, start reporting. That IP ain't gonna ban itself.

Post Kino

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Jannies only show up if you talk about the lore of the game and how it connects to the anime

Wow Netflix sure is getting desperate hovering all their shitty Cyberpunk threads looking for any criticism of their trash content. Please do the world a favor and declare bankruptcy already.

Maybe someone should spam a few more wojaks. That always gets their attention.

Amerimutt Moment

>muh mods muh bans

Could be literally any more Reddit? Go the fuck back.

Has rape? Picked up.

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I’d turn myself into a cyberpsycho too if I was a spic manlet who got bullied by a fuckin Gook


Quit posting user, it's shameful.

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Trying so hard to release
You out of the misery
Hold on to your wishes
If you can’t hold on to me

Forgive me for letting you down
Forgive me for letting you down again
Guess I’m not strong enough
Right now

Probably the best shot of the show

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Is this the first time a Trigger Anime is seriously AOTY material?

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