ELDEN RING The Road to the Erdtree

Do you think Ranni will make her appearance soon, inquiring whether the rumors of a Tarnished hurtling about atop a spectral steed weren't unfounded?

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Tbh all I’m hoping for is Mohg and Miquella antics

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By "antics" do you mean Mohg destroying Miquella's boy pussy?


Don't be a Ranni simp. Feel the embrace of gold.

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>but no matter how much of his bloody bedchamber he tried to share, he received no response from the young empyrean
Sorry to ruin your fag fantasy but Mohg canonically died a virgin like his brother. Miquella most likely did too unless he and his sister had been doing the usual opposite-gendered twins things up until they split for good.


didn't ask

I mean you literally did

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Why is there so much art of Ranni with gigantic breasts? Not only does she not have them; She is more attractive with small ones.

Why are you gay?

He put it in but got no moans.

Standard "this is popular, so I will give this character a basic bitch figure that doesn't accurately portray them" move.


Miquella is too pure.

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So Ranni knew Torrent's former master who gave her the spirit bell and wolf spirits to give to Torrent's next master? And Melina was riding on Torrent before he chose you? How do they know each other

It's not clear

Damn you George you fat fuck

Melina in all likelihood is the Gloam-Eyed Queen.

so is this shit actually good?

the manga? yes

They give her normal skin too. Philistines.

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