So, is this shit worth it? Is it still universally hated?

So, is this shit worth it? Is it still universally hated?

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how can it be worth it when you can get everything they offer for free on nyaa?

I hate the name and the history of this company so I will never support it

I love it when their subs are full of translation erros and they never fix them because the company gives zero fucks about quality and everything is about speed

Reject streaming services and algorithms

Use pirate sites if you're going to be a filthy streamfag.


r/anime is to the left

use you absolute retard, so easy to figure out.

they don't support my language so i don't give a fuck

i'd probly consider paying them otherwise since torrenting is too much hassle and websites where you can watch anime online have shitty quality for older shows

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what the fuck is that

Yeah it’s pretty good. Being able to cast to your tv is why I pay for it

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Ever heard of an HDMI cord?

> Sony
Sorry, nope. After failing to make Funimation succeed now they're surely going to screw up Crunchyroll as well. A pox on Sony.

You can do that with Plex, Emby, Jellyfin etc. Fuck you can even do it by torrenting to your phone and casting from VLC for fuck sake

They don't have any of the good shit.

How does Any Forums do it? Even with all it's flaws it still manages to maintain a level of quality far above the other media boards.

What kind of retard do you have to be to pretend that CR isn't already complete garbage? Is this a Any Forumseddit thing, the obsession with Sony?

You can yap your mentally ill mouth as much as you want but statistics show that almost half of you neck yourselves roughly a decade into your """transition""" so might as well do the world a favour and cut to the chase.

The only time I ever used it was a few months ago while staying in Germany, because of their autistic laws regarding piracy.


If you're allergic to torrenting, you can use IRC to download as well.

>translation erros

They inject money into the industry despite what Any Forums says.

They are funding new season of Overlord. Streaming is the main source of revenue for the medium nowdays.

user isn't charging us money to read his shitty postst

Hope from anime girls now if you see the board mentioned on another boards you post that Any Forums is the sukiest of boards so that nobody comes here.

That's bad. We do not want the west giving money to the anime/manga industry.

None of that fucking money goes to the creators. The industry is in the WORST state is has EVER been in.