Your favorite artist doesn't care about your waifu

>your favorite artist doesn't care about your waifu
How do you cope?

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I don't have a favourite artist. Better question is; how do you cope when your waifu has no. . . art?

my favorite artist pretty much only draws characters from my favorite mangaka but literally avoids my favorite work like the plague.
he will never draw my favorite character, ive accepted that.

My favorite artist is whoever draws the best pictures of my waifu.

I doubt anyone would want his waifu drawn by that artist.

Reminder that Asanagi is a special case where if he actually DOES like a girl, like to waifu status, he won't draw porn of them. He'll only draw SFW stuff where they're being spoiled or in positions of power when all other girls get broken into cattle.

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My favorite artists draw exclusively the series or characters I like so that never happens. Fuck all those clout artists that are drawing for every flavor of the month to get all those followers.
Also, my waifu actually husbando has more art than I can possibly ever save.

Husbandos not welcome

I'll take anyone who draws my waifu's feet

Nobody draws my waifu anymore. I don't think she's had new art for several years.

>creator of your waifu hates your waifu

No one cares about mai waifu.

Who's his Draph waifu then? Seems like he's breaking all of them.

He's not a cowfag, they just sell so he draws them. He likes Vampy. Also Lyria and Vira to a lesser extent.

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I guess he likes the girl on the left?

I can't tell if I want the flat one with the snaggletooth or the big booba one more.

Maybe, hard to tell. He might want to break her instead.

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I thought Asanagi didn't know how that properly draw butts

>tfw Asanagi releases a super vanilla doujin about his waifu(s) under a different circle name

He does though

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