Damn... how true is this?

Damn... how true is this?

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I can't even understand what the spic who made this means

shounen is for children, why are you shocked

Kill yourself, narutard.

user, the meme is in English...

Considering Ichigo broke out of a seal in the first episode of his anime no, he was always a chosen one

the idea that power, status, and superiority can be given to you for free with no work on your part is extremely appealing to young men and always will be.

Not sure about Bleach, but One Piece never had the "hard work over talent" theme. In fact "luck" has always been a prevalent theme in one piece

Naruto and Ichigo were never hardworkers

Naruto had the fucking nine-tails, he was always chosen

>considering Naruto had the 9 tails in the first chapter of his manga No, he was always the chosen one

When does ichigo ever work particularly hard. And honestly naruto’s power progression really isn’t that bad compared to other shonen.
>part 1
Pretty weak for the entire thing when he’s not in tail form
Learns literally nothing
>up until frogs
Only learns to make a spikier rasengan

Until sage mode he was kind of a jobber

Pic related

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Luffy introduced new powers as a "btw, I have gears now".
OP had the first training arc after over 60 volumes, and people have been saying that One Piece was ruined by it ever since.

>the only character in the series that trained and used hard work in the series
>gets bodied and crippled by silver spoon faggot who has magical mommy powers and has defense shield
Almost every shounenshit has this chosen one garbage, if not eventually every single one turns into it. Even shit like Yu Yu Hakusho turns into it at like the last second. They also have a normal guy who has no powers like the MC but is still powerful, they turn him into the jobber in all of these. They are all the same with different skins

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>In fact "luck"
It's not so much luck but fate that's been a theme

Ichigo never embodied hard work

He was kind of jobber in comparison to the big deals but he was way above average with little effort to not be considered talented.

Hard? work, what is that, some kind of demon fruit?

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You're retarded if you think anyone else could have gone to the fifth gate at that age if they simply worked as hard as Rock Lee, Rock Lee may be an extra hard worker but he's also always been talented at taijustu.

Hard work is genetic too
There is no free will

Working harder than anyone else makes you the chosen one.


zoro works much harder then luffy. the will of D is strong

I feel like at one point Kishi wanted everyone talented in some way but then he stopped giving a fuck as soon as the chunin exams ended.