Cyberpunk: Edgerunners

Now that the dust has settled, who’s the true best girl?

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First for Rebecca


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may maybe she's still alive

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Stupid question

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>Lucy if you want to start a family and have all kinds of sex

>Rebecca if you only want sex

The choice is clear

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Why did Becca care so much about David? Only person who cared more for him at that point was Lucy

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I like both I can’t pick one
Threesome it is

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My one gripe as far as "easily avoidable drama" was why didnt Lucy just tell David about her killing off people trying to track him?

Am i the only one who like this? I thought it was funny.

Lucy and it's not even a competition realistically, but this is Any Forums so people will say Becca

>Is this my fault?
I'd shit my pants too

Yeah, i loved it

fuck off

Even the woman staffer who voted against her inclusion came around on her and called her the best girl.

>"You're right Mom, i know i can i'll do my best, you've got my word, Arasaka all the way to the top"

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fuck on

im 80% sure becca is a former hooker/moxie


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Reminder crazy lolitas always lose in Trigger Anime. Rebecca never stood a chance

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>ywn start a family with Lucy on the moon because you're a dumb himbo obsessed with making her dream a reality when it was always meant to be more symbolic of wanting someone to trust and run away with when shit got bad and she's also too much of a social autist to notice and explain so your true, beautiful romance was doomed from the start despite being one of the only good things in this awful godforsaken fucking city


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She's so fucking cute.

>only 80%

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I don't get Trigger sometimes. There is QUALITY that looks like it could slip through without anyone of the staff noticing but this is so blatantly obvious I'm wondering if it's somewhat intentional

Shit like this is why the binge model can go fuck itself. Everyone's trying to compete to reach the finish line first, and because of it, people are only going to talk about the higher peaks of the whole show instead of the quieter moments. I hope i see netflix die in my lifetime. Fuck'man, im only on ep 4.