Kanojo, Okarishimasu

Behold, the indisputable winner of the Kazuyabowl.

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Used goods bros...

They deserve each other.

They could reevaluate their feelings. Then again if Chizuru got hit by a truck I would still call it a happy ending.

Blasphemy. Kazuya is for Chizuru. Look at how happy he is whenever he's with her.

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The drama ending, written by Reiji no less, may be hinting the direction this manga is gonna go.
Mami has gotten lots of attention lately, she got an exclusive MV (the other MV, Ienai, was mostly Kazuya's MV), a figurine scheduled for 2025, got a turning point moment in the hawaiians, all courtesy from Chizuru.
If i was you, i would tone down my cockiness. Especially when Kazuya being depicted as somebody who's going self destructive due to his feelings. That is a huge red flag if you ask me about.
One wrong move or a spread rumor about Chizuru and Kazuya would be jumping into conclusions. Characters are already trying to reason with him about Chozuru being that type of girls.

worst bowl

>Mami is a psycho with a baren womb
>Chizuru is an hypocritical money grabbing whore
>Ruka is a stalker with rapist tendencies
>Sumi is a nobody wallflower
>Kazuya is Kazuya

nice series you got there

I look forward to a Mami ending

>Mami has gotten lots of attention lately, she got an exclusive MV
That one is about her backstory and just hints that the anime might continue past S2.

How many of you have known or dated someone like Chizuru in real life?

I don't get involved with prostitutes

>Kazuya is Kazuya
but I dunno, I kinda like the guy. I'd be his friend. he's the type of guy you see fuck up every step of the way, but it's kind adorable that you try to help him, but when he spaghetties his way into oblivion again and again, you just chuckle along

you chuckle as a reader
the characters cringe in his presence

I mean I wouldn't oppose a mami ending if she had her redemption arc, but when talking about red flags, you gotta admit that kazuya's and mami's entire time dating was a red flag and everything that happened after was not just a red flag, more like dark red to black

They love him. Chizuru is so wet for him she kisses her knee thinking about him.

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>thinking about his money

I am currently "with" someone in a similar fashion but it'd be a long blogpost to explain. In short, I give her spending money and she maintains contact.

just, why?
you're not even getting any pussy out of this

I would reevaluate myself in your position.
What is better? Being with somebody because of giving her money? Or because both of them want to talk *with* (with asterisks for emphasis on that, there's a huge gap between "talking to" and "talking with") and be with each other without needing money??
You better think about that.

The girls all wet

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We love Rucute here.

Like I said, it'd take a very long post to explain. She's not fit to be in a relationship with anyone because of severe mental illness. I'm one of about five people she has known for more than ~2 months because she randomly and suddenly hates everyone within that time. She lives with her parents but doesn't speak to them anymore and has been a NEET for several years. Her only joy is buying herself anime merchandise and I have nothing else going on in my life.