Yaotome x 2

Happy Wednesday x 2.
Here we have Chapter 5 typeset.

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Thanks to the user providing raws.
You can find the raw thread here

Whoops I accidentally upscaled the files a little when exporting

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I'm sure it's possible to make this joke work in English somehow, but there is a reason I've left it as is, which we'll see later.

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And this is why I left that joke from Pg3 as is.
I don't know where to even began trying to make this one work.

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Triple Booking still going strong

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I am a bit stumped about what Rui supposedly heard here, but I switched left and right around with the previous page to try and make this joke work a bit better.
Plus, she is now actually putting her right hand to blue

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And that's it for this month.
I think we may be stuck with just TL notes this time, but feel free to suggest away.

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I'm also feeling pretty tired today, so I probably won't be around too long for corrections.
I'll make it obvious that the .zip in the mega has been updated with any fixes if the thread dies while I'm away though.

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gotcha, I'll give it a quick read over

Haruru needs a councelor

Motoki the stalker already?