One Piece

Chapter Title: "His" Dream
- Luffy reveals 'that' to the crew and we get to see their reaction
- Sabo continues his call with "someone"
- He mentions being "somewhere" and having seen a person doing 'that' on the empty throne
- Imu is seen with "something" that has Lulucia kingdom crossed out
- In the skies of Lulucia Kingdom 'something' start to gather and lightning is striking 'those places'
- 'Something' is seen falling down from 'there' onto the country
- 'THAT place' is destroyed
- The straw hats meet 'HER' with a bounty of 320mil at the end of "it".

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I love Carrot.

I love Yamato.

Endgame right here, brothers

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I love Cunny

There are over 100 plot lines in the story that have been unresolved. If Oda were to dedicate a chapter to each one, it would take him at minimum 2 years to close all these plot lines, even then it would require lots of rushing if they only get a chapter at most of focus. There is ZERO hope of the ending not being a crammed rushed mess. Give up.

It appears that Bonney didn't surpass Nami's bounty so I can't place her in the top 8 which a shame better off next time.

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i hope you like the SBS because that's where all plot holes and unresolved plot points will be revealed, because oda is a demented retard that's going to rush everything while filling up pages with useless onions reaction faces and unknown filler characters and plotpoints that literally nobody cares about, instead of the actual mysteries and unresolved plot points that we've been waiting for for decades.

Raws when?

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Robin >>>>>>Nami>Ulti>Betty>>>>>>>Big Mom>>>>>>>>>>>Hancock>Smoothie>Maria

This is correct. I’ve given up on this manga LESS than I’ve given up on HxH…and that’s as positive a statement I can make about OP at this stage.

Why do you just copy the way Reddit spoilers stuff

Yes endgame right here

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Will they adopt Hancunny?

The difference with Boa's and big Mom's is 2,729,000,000 so just two more bounty increases till she over takes Big Mom has the most wanted and becomes the new world's strongest woman. The difference between Robin's and Smoothie's is only 2,000,000 so only one bounty increase to pass her. Two best girls are about to dunk on the Big Meme pirates soon.

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Nami? Stronger than Boney

Why is Smoothie 90% legs?

Imagine being so important that Akainu himself comes to arrest you and then being worth barely more than Enies Lobby Luffy

Carrot could still be hiding on the ship right?

Of course.
If you want to go even further in theorycrafting. Zou is a moving island, they could meet up whenever the fuck they want just because. Still odd that the minks as a whole never said goodbye since they're really close with Nami and Chopper.

Holy shit, Robin's bounty fucking skyrocketed. What the hell happened?

>THAT Piece

>Jannie's deleted the Bonnie thread because???????
Got they really are fucking autistic

The government went from
>yeah, she could read the 4 poneglyphs, but what are the odds LMAO
>fuck, these are the odds

Catarina devon is most likely above Maria's, we just don't know

I would like Luffy more if he sometimes acted like his bounty would suggest. Even though it was just ass-pulls and BS he’s still yonko tier. Why can’t he act like it occasionally?