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Why the fuck did the og thread get nuked ?

sanji coc soon...........

Post Cute and Canon

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Why was the thread deleted?

the yamatranny janny deleted the thread again...

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People were making fun of yamato so the janny had to step in

Op probably got banned on another thread

Janny is off his meds again

mods let the schizos argue about waifus for 100 posts but suddenly somebody says something bad about oda?

what a joke

"What was the purpose of Yamato?"
Well, let's discuss facts.

Fact: Oda didn't forget Carrot.
Many think he did, but he drew a specific scene with her, in the same chapter the SH left their goodbyes to their beloved companions and Yamato.

Fact: Carrot isn't insignificant enough to not deserve goodbyes.
Carrot travelled with the SH for +200 Chapters. In global popularity poll, she made the Top 10. She was important enough to be made Zou's leader, a country so intimately tied with Wano and the lore of JoyBoy. If she was insignificant, Oda wouldn't have given her a scene where the Dukes appoint her a leader, instead he'd have given us a cover story showing her as the new Duchess.

Fact: Oda gave Carrot all the reasons to join.
Oda went out of his way to show us crew interactions with Carrot, unique personality traits and quirks, to establish her as a unique and competent, but not overpowered fighter, with a powerful yet well-balanced gimmick. He then specifically had Pedro die, later making sure we know She inherited his will. (To bring about the Dawn of the World)

Fact: Carrot's contributions were NOT very important in WCI/Wano.
Oda could've cut Carrot out with some minor tweaks and the result would have been the same. So, this time we ask "What was the purpose of Carrot?"

Fact: Oda hid Carrot from us, replacing her with Yamato.
In Wano, Carrot all but vanished, AFTER Oda had established her as a potential new Strawhat candidate. He then brought in Yamato, a flashy character with such a concept it seemed like she was made to grab your attention. The backstory, unique devil fruit, design, connections to Ace, CoC, Kaido's son... She was a Nakamafaggot's wet dream. But she didn't join. Why? What WAS her purpose?

Yamato was a red herring.

Oda brought in Yamato specifically to distract. To make you think she'd join. Her entire existence was fanservice, merchandise and most importantly, to make you forget Carrot.
Oda didn't forget. He just tried to make sure you did.

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So jewelry bonney new nakama?

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Please be more sensitive and don't use the word "nuked". We are still mourning the milk girl

yup, since 2015

Is Imu lactose intelorant ?

What's her next destination?

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dunno. i guess it was because of the arguing over thread personalities shit. i kinda wish it was because of the nakamfag shit but i doubt it.

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my heart

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lips not big enough
plus no teardrop tattoo

I mean, shitposting aside, if you disagree with the claim that Carrotfags were always more sensible than Yamatroons, I'd suggest re-reading WCI and Wano.

Carrot got:
>Character development
>actual personality
>crew interactions
>display of skills both in-battle and for a potential ship position
>Thematic foreshadowing
>Unique abilities that would stand out among the Strawhats

Yamato got:
>Mary Sue

Neither wound up joining, but one always made more sense than the other. There are schizos on both side, but one has a helluva lot more of them than the other. They are not, and never were, the same.

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got a ban a while ago because I did an obvious bait shitpost with Yamato and not with other characters it's pretty fucking obvious

not good looking as it should be

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do you think Bonney ageing Luffy woukd make him stronger? are we about to see Monkey D. Luffy: Logel mode?

This shit happens every time a new janny recruitment drive finishes.

What was the point of the Numbers looking like the samurai from the cave?

They didn't resemble each other in the slightest

oh shit, they did? uhm, criticism against plastic surgery.

>Guys! My nakamafag shitposting wasn't bad as their nakamafag shitposting.
Kill yourself, furrytroon.

Probably one of many many plotlines cut to wrap up Wano faster.

>An additional leak from the leak about im sama and whether we'll see what he looks like:
>No, it's the same as what happened at Reverie. Far shot in the garden with Emu-sama standing then face silhouette (eyes highlight) when the Kingdom of Lulusia is destroyed

Endgame eight here, brothers

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It's because of THAT MAN

They didn't
One Piece readers overanalyze everything when most of the time the answer is "Oda has gone senile"

What was the point of the Numbers anyway?

>previous thread was moving fast as fuck
>janny nukes the thread
>now everyone is afraid to post
yeah thanks a lot janny

>We don't see Imu
>We don't hear Luffy's dream
What a lame chapter

10/10 chapter btw

>actual personality
Yeah, nah.

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10/10 BTW

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you're fucking blind

Punk Hazard plot line resolution
Meanwhile we still don’t know the full story on the Punk Hazard frozen giants.

Silhouette Piece…

They’re weird about negative opinions. I made a thread insulting that pokemon mascot character from made in abyss and it was deleted

What do you remember about the Numbers, and the role they played during the raid?

considering it was just shitposting about nakama war shit after chaining the last thread together they was basically asking for the thread to get nuked.

What THE FUCK is Oda's problem?
How does he actually expect to end the series in 3 years when he keeps doing this shit?

Im is female

If she makes it, there is going to be pandemonium in these treads.

They 100% called this chapter a 10/10 because it deconfirmed Carrot



I don't even remember the female Number.

>i'm female
hello m'lady please show boobs

The Numbers looking like the samurai will be answered in a SBS in two years where Oda says they were captured by Kaido and used in the ancient giant experiments since he didn’t want their strength going to waste.

I refuse to believe Oda would do this if he really wants to end Wan Piss

Appoo liked to dance with them or something

1. Them being failed ancient giants from Punk Hazard.
2. The theory that Usopp would somehow beat them all to fulfill his ten giants lie from Jaya.

Wasn't she one of Black Maria's cronies?

She was with Black Maria and got fought off-screen by Brook.

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It's funny how they all just disappeared from the the castle once they got knocked out despite their gigantic bodies.

I got a warning for making fun of the admirals. The mod is weird.

So the spoiler about Imu resembling a Lunarian was a lie?

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>fought off-screen
I know oda's not gonna stop it but damn he should stop it.

Here's my attempt

>1.Inbi: Hung around apoo
>2 and 3: Got beaten by cp0
>4.Fuga? Was yamato's friend
>5.Don't remember
>6.Was the bomb gatekeeper?
>7,8,10 Got one shotted by Yamato, Drake and Luffy
>9.Kunyun: Got one shotted by Brook

Everyone but Inbi burned to death or something like the Tobi Roppo, Jack, and Perospero.


What's it like being a coomer? I'm curious.

after she gets married to Caribou yes


I remember that Oda actually had a backstory set for Yamato and Fuga but scrapped it because there was no time and we needed all the reaction panels from fodder instead.

.Was the bomb gatekeeper?
Remember when it was speculated Kaido would turn out to be #6 based on him being similar to them and having "rororo" in his laugh?

>Im old
>i want to travel with my family
>i want to finish the manga

>But first
>I will dick around 4 year around in not!japan
>nakama bait all the schizos
>Keep introducing new unexplained plot threads in the final saga
>Keep teasing stuff that i teased already like Ims face or Luffys dream

Was oda the schizo all along?

I hope so, maybe we'll get a second interesting female character other than bonney

One of them had a crush on yamato? Rammed himself into a fucking door and had horse legs

There's not a single panel of her back at Zou.

The fact that they were all completely nerfed by being drunk and supposedly even stronger while sober.

>Oda killing anyone unless the plot absolutely demands it
Really rare case.
He could asspull all of them back to life at any moment. There were tons of BP remnants at Udon so they might’ve been just locked up there.

What’s interesting about Bonney?

What a este of a character


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We're in the final saga and he is still doing the silhouette bullshit? Is the actual design a black mass with eyes, cause that's the only logical explanation.

*what a waste of a chapter
I mindfarted

we know almost nothing about her

But there is a time jump which proves she’s not on the Sunny.

So what's interesting is your headcanon, I'm suddenly getting Yamato flashbacks.

Clone degeneration.
All of the Oda DNA samples Jump had were corrupted by Kubo.

nice bait retard

it's funny because he just introduced the lunarian clones. so more characters to have to worry about. obviously they need to be fought or convinced to change sides or something and then that's like a whole plot thread within itself. why is oda doing this?

>There were tons of BP remnants at Udon so they might’ve been just locked up there.
Then they were all killed by Aramaki.
It's still not clear what King and Queen were really doing there.

Imagine the smell


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>the Yamatroon is still mindbroken
are you going to delete this thread too?

geez, you sure are salty about a character who barely has appeared.

10/10 chapter btw

There is literally no reason to hide Imu's face at this point unless Imu is the One Piece

That's the case with many characters, across many series. People often like what they could be, rather than what's already been presented. When you look at nakama debates, people often buildup potential interactions, and less on what was already shown.


you are not fooling anyone yamatranny janny