Say "thank you based Trigger"

Say "thank you based Trigger"

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>can only make something decent when someone else writes it
Thanks cdpr

Trigger is back!


fuck you shit trigger

trigger has yet to miss what are you talking about?

more troonner

WIT, Mappa and Ufotable are hotties in the industry now. Trigger never made it.

the only good anime they ever made was kill la kill

Trigger wrote the series. CDPR couldn't even write the game

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kill la kill was never good

KLK is a disgrace (and less successful) than TTGL. Cope coomer

thank you based Trigger

What a depressing statement

fuck you

For what? Releasing another shit original?

Yes, shonenshit adaptions have always been the most popular anime worldwide, especially once they started cutting down the filler and putting actual money into the animation. It's pretty sad, and I blame South Americans.

I already worship the ground trigger (best anime studio in the world) walks on.


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>and I blame South Americans.
You blame the people that have the least effect on the industry and not the Japanese and westerners who shounen is more popular with than anything else?