Dragon Ball Super

How will our favorite character, Bejita, defeat Black Frieza?

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Toyo just sent me this

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Post GODifs.

>That's it, Lord Beerus... good boy... OW! Beerus! No biting.

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If he was smart (and Toyotaro actually remembers it) Bejita should be able to use forced spirit fission. All he needs is to implement a small amount of damage to Frieza to take his energy. As he takes his energy, Frieza will get weaker and therefore easier to damage. Repeat. Theoretically speaking, no matter how strong Black Frieza is, all Bejita has to do is hurt Frieza even just a tiny bit for this strategy to work.

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>forced spirit fission
Bejita exclusively used it on Moro because he wanted to even the playing field against an opponent that steals ki to become stronger. Bejita will never use it again.

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what if the time chamber ate a senzu bean?

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To further elaborate, forced spirit fission only works on people who gained power by absorption. Frieza earned his power through his own training, so Bejita would be unable to use it on him anyway.

>forced spirit fission only works on people who gained power by absorption.


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Read the manga and find out! [traced raugh]

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shut the fuck up. nothing in that post was "ironic".

I watched the first 10 seconds of a geekdom video about forced spirit fission.


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