Chainsaw man

He's carrying part 2 and you know it

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Denji? My seat.

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Denji's ass? My property.

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I fucking KNEEL GODshida-sama!!!!!!!!

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chairseat man p2 fire so far no cap frfr hes just like me

>only way for Denji and Asa to get art it's if he is also on the picture
How does he do it?

>You think your hot shit pussyboy?

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kishibe's bastard son btw

Denji's boyfriend Yoshida.

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Unless Nayuta becomes an stacy eventually (which she won't seeing her brother figure and her best hope being getting the memories of her femcel simp past back) Yoshida is literally the top of the food chain under Quanxi in who tops who in the manga.

Asa sisters how are we feeling about Denji breeding our waifu?

Denji is the waifu.

we hate it sister

Did anyone else lose all respect they had for Denji's character after that gay char incident? He's literally selling off his ass for 10 bucks.

Gay for money Denji is actually making me like him, shit's hilarious and kind of hot

Yoshida gave him 70 dollars though

Do you rike your Season 1, /csm/?

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yoshida's wife!

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How the fuck did user so accurately predict the first cour down to the episode months/years before the leak?

It sure is pathetic that fanartists immediately draw scenes from the manga except shittier and sexualized in order to get views.

>those legs
SEX with Denji

>t. chairseat man self-inserter

I watched too much manganime


You are confusing western """artists""" with japanese ones, they don't do it for the views they are just horny and like to ship

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I feel like the stretch from chapter 20-23 covered in one episode is bit too rushed. Same with the following episode that covers 95 pages. Doesnt a standard episode cover like 50 pages?

>Katana Man in 4 episodes
Isn't that like, super rushed?

Kek, there's so much Yoshida shitposting that I can't wait for Quanxi to be reintroduced again, the shitposting pendulum is going to swing back at full force.

I think Nayuta will probably be mostly the same as the oneshot Nayuta, and doubt she'll hyper age from where she is now.

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All the shitposts are becoming true so that means Quanxi will lose to cock

I think an episode has to end in chapter 23, so they can do the whole ''Katana Man & Sawatari fight'' in 1 episode.



I still believe it

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>All the shitposts are becoming true
Male Power soon...

>Male Power soon...

I still like Jujutsu Kaisen, I couldn't care less about muh popularity

Sorry old man, you lost your chance

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Yes, I am happy. This is literally my exact prediction to the chapter, with the exception being I assumed 13 episodes so there's a stray chapter here or there.

Nothing special or insightful, just a flawed logic of trying to end things at satisfying moments based upon a presumed episode count. I always assumed that Chainsaw Man would need more than 2 cours to finish the story, which would either lead to an oddly shaped season (Like SnK) or a movie of the Reze variety. In short, autism.

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>piercings scheme
>talent as devil hunters

>Male Power soon
Part 2 will becomes BL and it will be a test for DenPowashippers if they still support it after genderswap.

But Kishibe and Yoshida are different surnames...

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holy fuck kishibe is so hot why did quanxi reject him

>t. doesn't know what a bastard son is

>yoshida, the aki of part 2
>yuka, the power of part 2
don't get too attached

>holy shit Kishibe is so hot why does a lesbian not want a guy?

That just means that Kishibe would get the shitposting instead which might be even funnier.

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how worse can it get than this?


youre an idiot

chainsaw man is going to destroy jujitsu kaisen in popularity, they arent comparable

10 000 bucks. he's cheap only with the girls.

Stop throwing "the x of part 2" when it doesn't make a little bit of sense.

But it isn't confimed yet to be 1 cour, right?

She's afraid of affection from humans, like Makima she'd rather have pets for those needs

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Reliable leakers have said 12 episodes.

what i expected of part 2

>Denji tries to be a superhero but the fame he keeps getting weaker more every time he fights, eventually something happens that makes the world fear/hate CSM, making Denji more powerful than ever ever before just in time for an apocalyptic fight with a primordial or a horseman

what i actually get in part 2

>demonic slice of slice

I think... that i kind of like it- its not the fast paced chaos of part 1 but its comfy and funny, but this being Fujimoto what stops me from enjoying it fully is the feeling of just waiting for the other shoe to drop, like you already know the carpet is gonna get pulled from under you and youre bracing yourself for it

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JJK self-destructed. For anime it will after S2.

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I said I still like Jujutsu Kaisen, after it became popular. What are you trying to tell me?

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Not him, but that's fine. I like the manga and think Fujimoto deserves success. My personality doesn't revolve around CSM so there's nothing for me to worry about.

kishibe is unironically the most attractive male character in manga

kishibe hands wrote this post

>JJK self-destructed. For anime it will after S2.
Culling Game is great, and it's sales are still awesome
>inb4 it dropped in sales
I know, they're still great sales.

>I still believe it
Only if you are a complete homophobe and you have author canon take in your ass where he had to specially make for you an extra chapter and extra novel story just to show you she is gay and not into guys at all.
You are as retarded as Angel x Aki shippers.
You are sad simp and as cucked as you can get here.
Only thing that might be true is that indeed Kishibe might be his father who he got with random prostitute after being drunk.

Remember the bet.

>seething this hard at a random shitpost
holy kek

kill yourself faggot

>holy fuck kishibe is so hot why did quanxi reject him
So if you are into women and you aren't interested sexually even into hot guys, but you should let him fuck your boypussy only cause he is simping for you? Flawless logic there bro.
Denji is smarter than you.

He never said it was Quanxi's lmao
Stupid dyke

What was it again? I talk to much shit on the internet, you'll need to remind me.

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faggot hands wrote this post

I will now ship Kishibe/Quanxi

Kishibebros please do not read this


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>speedreading one sentence and seething at it
the state of ya

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>be kishibe
>perfect physical specimen
>10/10 looks
>naturally muscular frame
>thick hair with no signs of balding
>tasteful stublle
>godlike reflexes strength and intuition
>indominable will, able to completely resist makima
>get reduced to an incel because your oneitis is a lesbian

Two anons enter, one user leaves based off whether the movie is officially announced at all.

Quanxi with hair down... cute


Plot Twist: He's God