Fate thread

Rin is the best Fate girl! And she is a hot lesbian beauty!

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Should I play Hollow Ataraxia.

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>And she is a hot lesbian beauty!
Yeah, this is bait. Fuck you, OP.

Who do you ship Rin with

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If you like the characters, yes. From that point of view it's even better than Stay Night.

Does this still count as ZR?

Not relevant. Rin is clearly bisexual.

But she is hotter that way.

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Canonical loser of FSN. Moving on.

Why do you keep making these threads? Just go to /c/ and image dump.

>Fate Route
Alive and happy.
>UBW Route
Alive and the happiest
Alive and happy
Cope and seethe wormfag

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Sakura and Shirou won everything and for ever.

Deal with it already, sabercuck.

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Shut the fuck up

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Not event the best Tohsaka.

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Sakura is indeed not the best Tohsaka.

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How can it be so defenseless with all that cheek