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ready for Jewelry Bonney Kino!

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Why do people say zoro is to luffy what whitebeard was to roger, wouldn't luffys whitebeard be kid or law

Kata is Luffy’s Whitebeard

Who says that

So Elbaf next destination?


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Carrot just took a shit in my yard.

Kill yourself you phoneposting garbage.

>in child form
We'll never get rid of them...

Bonney is moe

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Endgame right here, brothers

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>Luffy disappears
>Reappears Fifty years later on the decks of the Sunny
>Franky has been watching over it all this time
>Has a nostalgic look around.
>"Oh hey what's in this crate"

leaks pretty much confirmed no

Wano Cunny awakened something in Oda. Loli Piece has begun

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Carrotbros... IS SHE IN THE BARREL?!?!?!

The word of the day

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How will Oda nerf her power ?

No one laughed the first time you posted this bro. But I’ll give you a laugh this time.

The fact that Oda keeps showing this stupid fucking barrel really makes me think there's something up with it. What is the actual point in including it in this scene? Why does it have significance?

user there’s always been a random barrel on the sunny

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Just for that, I'm going to post it in every thread from now on.

That’ll show me!

Strong armament haki nullifies her power

>Mere moments before Carrot appeared on the Sunny

Honestly? I doubt it. BUT it is notable that Oda decided to draw that in. IF she was there, then it'd be 100% like Oda to include the barrel in the shot because it's important for all of luffy's crewmembers to hear his dream, and it'd be like what oda did with luffy/sabo/ace's sake cups, so people could scream GODA when she appeared and they noticed this in hindsight.

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I made the right decision in dropping the anime, my only regret is that it took me so long to do so.

I like her style, kinda trashy.

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am I the only one who thinks Bonney is one of Oda's best female designs?

I think the first was sort of Brook when the CP0 glowie he should have fought was off paneled by an outnumbered and half dead Izo.
That was the moment when I started to think Oda was seriously rushing things to wrap up the battle in time for FILM RED AUGUST 6TH.

Carrot came out of the kitchen though directly above the barrel.

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Zorofags are retarded, Zoro is a Rayleigh and Oden parallel. Luffy really doesnt seem to have a whitebeard rival, the closest thing to current day whitebeard is probably Sanji, specially after his reaction this chapter

Sanji> King and Katakuri

>Chained Barrel
>A few days have passed.
She is fucking dead Jim.

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The raid will fail
Carrot will join
Luffy has the resin fruit

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Nah his whitebeard would be kid if anyone

>the closest thing to current day whitebeard is probably Sanji
>what is kid
>what is law
Sanjeets must be reading a different manga.

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Zoro will kill Kaido

Guys are we talking about THAT?

inside the barrel is bonnie everyone go home now

good one user, made me kekl

THAT? Are you crazy??

>Bonney is the new shitposting character for the arc

Great. And she was already one to begin with. This is supposed to be UROUGE's arc

She brought carrots to eat and juice to drink

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Some say Vira is next

Wait didn't the conversation about Luffy's dream happen a few days after finding Bonney in the sea?

If that's true then Luffy revealing his dream does link to this barrel.
>Luffy reveals his TRUE dream, shocking his crew
>We see the barrel
>Later, a flashback shows the barrel was opened BEFORE this, and Carrot was inside, dead
>This is what prompted Luffy to tell his TRUE dream; To steal Moria's power back from BB's pirates to revive Carrot because after Zou, regular bestiality just isn't enough, Luffy now requires a hint of necrophilia

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I remember when Zoro wanted to avenge Yasu.
Instead the guy who got in his way at that time put down Orochi, after Hiyori fucked up.
The theme of Wano is "improper resolutions", clearly.

Parallelfags are known brainlet, Luffy doesnt have a whitebeard because he doesnt need to, not everything about his life need to mirror Roger, he doesnt have a Garp, he doesnt have a Whitebeard.

And where does she poop? She is trapped in her own filth. Imagine finding that corpse.

Post cute and Canon.

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No matter what, ZKK will always be my personal favorite Schizo theory.

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Why? Sanji said he would ask them to remodel the stealth black suit and Queen had a lot of info on Germa tech, so its not impossible for them to know how to make one

Just wait until THAT man hears THAT news....

What shitpost? I've not seen a single Bonneyfag shitposting yet.

>Oda struggles to handle 9 Straw Hats to the point of doing split ups by arc
>Makes the Scabbards a group of 9 in the arc where the Straw hats reunite
What did he mean by this?

you sound butthurt dude. nobody is shitposting about Bonney
are you a Yamatofag?

You're joking, right?
Literally look at the threads from yesterday when Redon posted spoilers.

This is getting pretty sus

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He was lying. Bonney isn't around until after

There's been a bonney spammer here for years, newfag.

holy shit
some people really need sex

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So how did the schizo who made that cope when it didnt happen, did he go postal or did the feds not groom him

Resin was fucking KINO


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There's always a bit of shitposting when the spoilers drop. Everyone already moved on to THAT posting and there's only one or two genuine Bonneyfags.

They find her at sea.

Urouge doesn't have boobs or can become into a loli. Oda knows where to put his bets.

kek jesus christ some of you are just...I don't even know how to describe this. A level of obsession I will never reach.

I'm a little impressed though.

Remember when the supernovas were introduced and oda post timeskip made most of em teamup

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Castro poster is cool

Post Cute and Canon

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THAT certain man is on the move too....the world is changing...

>>Oda struggles to handle 9 Straw Hats to the point of doing split ups by arc
No he doesn't, he just doesn't have plans for them in certain arcs so he gives the time to side characters. He could easily manage all the strawhats ifthat's all he ahd to manage

He didn't develop their crews enough. Law and Kidd still can't be real rivals to Luffy because they have no notable crews.

>comparing a single guy who's been in these threads for longer than you without bothering anyone to yamato and carrot spammers

Considering he's not being a nuisance, he still took that defeat better than c*rrotfags

Maybe, just maybe, it has to do with the fact Oda is attempting to draw the deck of a pirate ship, and that barrels were an extremely common source of storage on ships, including pirate ships? Are you all really this dense?


Speaking of Yamato, I don't think I've seen any Yamatoposters around ever since the last chapter. Unless they're all hiding

>Everyone already moved on to THAT posting
You don't mean to tell me..... Anons are really talking about THAT!???

ok carrotfag. no one gave a shit about bonneyfags before she became relavent. fuck off with your sour grapes nakamashit. the only person posting bonney before this kept to themselves, outside their porn posts, with the only other notable bonneyfag being the castro meme, which finally came true.

>or can become into a loli
Don't forget that Bonney can turn others into lolis (or shotas).
You just know Oda is gonna go crazy with that in the upcoming arc.

Maybe he shouldn't flood the story with a hundred different characters then, then he'll have a use for them.

Kid has like 3 notable crew members Law has 2 at best

Hawkins 0
Urouge 0
Bejie 0

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Get off his dick.

>7 years
Won't he be surprised

You havent been on for long then, We got a redeemed farewell last chapter abd the current one has Luffy revealing his dream, wich Yamato knows

Quit acting like a nigger.

get off mine you whiny bitch.

imagine being butthurt about fucking BONNEY showing up hahahahahahahahahaha these nakamafaggots are the lowest of the low

Kys Bonneynigger

bro like where do you guys even get the time for this shit? imagine if you fags all got together and tried to cure cancer


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