One Piece:

>Straw Hat crew find Bonney some days after the first part of the chapter (the part about Luffy's dream).
>They find her in the sea (she's in kid form), near a winter island with a strong climate. Straw Hat crew save her.
Gee... I wonder what island that is?

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Elbafbros... it's coming home

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Endgame right here, brothers

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Someone in the previous thread said the island is Vira

*Joins in your path*

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Law is going to Elbaf.

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This artist is good, I give them props

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Bonney appearing in the same chapter that Luffy reveals his dream to the crew can't be a coincidence, right?

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>They find her in the sea (she's in kid form), near a winter island (no giant tree so most likely not Elbaf)with a strong climate. Straw Hat crew save her

And seeing how Marco didn't join Luffy to go to Sphinx.



>some idiots think you're not allowed to laugh at Luffy's secret bonkers dream based on a Wano page with weird drunken Ace and religious zealot like Yamato
>Roger immediately burst into laughter after telling it to to WB and Oden
>Ace himself also said he and Sabo laughed at it first

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>SHs arrive at an island several days after Luffy tells them their dream (which is also some time after leaving Wano)
>still no Carrot
Uh, is Bonney joining?

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there's still a chance unironically

Kinda stupid for Luffy to go to have adventures in the next island when he knows Vivi and Sabo are MIA. This faggot went to the most secured prison in the world for his faggot brother.

Anyone who still thinks Elbaf is happening is delusional.

i hope carrotfags and yamatroons will rot in hell

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so what are the chances that this manga gets ayy lmao'd?

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Post Cute and Canon

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>Anyone who still thinks Elbaf is happening is delusional.

Holy shit Luffy’s dream is to marry Bonney!?

Marguerite died in the last chapter

I thought that was funny

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Very high

I think is the only "popular culture" topic Oda hasnt touched, besides those cover stories that dont mean shit in the end. I think it would be great but the average otaku would start to complain and make comparisons to Kishimoto

All the lines of dialogue Carrot has had in Wano:

>We're here, guys!
>Luffy! Garchu!
>He was a match for Duke Inuarashi...
>The plan's falling apart, what're we going to do?!
>Choniki, you guys look so cool!
>The cold weather shouldn't be a problem for us, since we have fur.
>Hey, Kin'emon! Everyone! We're here!
>Choniki, you look so cool! I didn't know the Sunny had this!
>You should focus on the battle!
>"No big deal?" That's Big Mom!
>Go away, Mr. Sun! Stop calling Big Mom here!
>Yeah, but...
>To avenge Pedro! I know who I saw!
>Moon Raid!
>That is right if it weren't for him...
>You are Marco, right?
>Yeah, you could say that!
>What?! No way!

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It already has since Enel

Will anything get rid of Carrotfags holy shit

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if they're MIA then where the fuck would he go you dumb nigger. DO YOU EVEN HEAR YOURSELF TALK

It already did yeeeears ago during Enel’s cover story

It already did in Enel's cover story. All lengthy cover stories have been 100% canon so far and the happenings in them have carried over like Jinbe finding a poneglyph in his which is weird as fuck to anime watchers because it was completely skipped over in the anime.


He explicitly wanted to go to Alabasta and Mariejois to save Vivi before Zoro stopped him and he has Sabo's vivre card which shows he's fine.
You are simply a brainlet.

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If the next island isnt Elbaf that just mean Elbaf may not a smaller arc but a major one. We know they will have to go there at some point, going now would mean it's going to be a smaller arc since we'rd just out of a major one.

She would be a good addition tough

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Uta and Granblue saved One Piece

5 chaptets at BEST until the Vivi reunion

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>Luffy is the one who says they must go to Arabasta and Zoro stops him saying Vivi is not there. Then Luffy says they must go to Mary Geoise, but Zoro stops him again. At the end of that part Luffy, Nami, Chopper and Sanji insult Zoro.

it sure is good to have such reasonable guy as vice-captain

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Bros, call me a speedy but what the fuck is Vira?

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Knock Knock in Mary Jose so we can give an end to this shit manga

Lodestar island, got no time for character development. We rushpiece now

>We know they will have to go there at some point

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Theoretically shouldn't Luffy's vivre card work in reverse too? They can keep following it until they find Sabo, they might just have to go through some of the fleet first.


I hope Sugar is okay.

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do people here even read the manga? I'm genuinely asking.

Don’t fault yourself bro

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God, Vivi is just so fucking FINE, HOLY SHIT
How does she do it among all of OP's chicks? How is it that she's the hottest one?

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Why is every chapter unexpectedly hyped up by spoiler providers, without fail, absolutely mediocre at best

can't wait to see her again

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We are 1000 chapters in and still don't what D fucking means
Everytime we find a diary,dailoug or flashback around meaning of D it just gets pushed aside and forgotten.
I'm tired of this

People here self admittedly skim the wiki summaries what do you think?

Uhhhhhhhh is that from Norland's log book?

Stick around until weekend and you may just get a glimpse of dumbasses get excited by cryptic and unrelated "hints"

This "hidden dream" shit is cumbersome and weird and I don't like it.

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Because they get attention from it and never get punished? Is that a rhetorical question?

What's on the left of the barrel? Stairs?

That means 5 or more.

zolo will never be vice captain of anything

Manga never said they were in barrels.

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Where is your fav character Any Forums ?

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Yea I believe so.

>Hancock being above corazon
these people are so fucking retarded

It's just so depressing. You just know these are the same people who doompost everyday. Why live like this? why not take time to actually read the manga? what do they have to lose?


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nta, everything else is the same though.

Koby is CUTE pink haired

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Some place the revos liberated and Noland visited. Usopp's will learn of his heritage as Nolands descendant and mirror his time with the Shandians when he reaches Elbaf.

Apparently Bonney isn't there when Luffy says his dream to the crew

>besides those cover stories that dont mean shit in the end

You faggots will never stop.

Is that a rhetorical question?

Wasn't that book from the ship that fell down from Skypiea?


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Nah I am a doomposter because I am a slowreader just ayys isn't one of them

Genuine question for Carrotfags. I don’t hate the idea of Carrot joining or being a stowaway, but don’t you find that even if she had been one yet again by some miracle, don’t you find it off-putting how none of the crew members asked for her whereabouts? Namely Chopper since he was the most closest to her.

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Too fucking sexy

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I have been wondering what happened to Vira since the time skip. Last we heard about Vira was before the time skip, back when a coup d'état was incited by the Revolutionary Army.

>franky this low

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Is this real?

Carrot or Carribou? It's most certainly Carribou, there is no reason why Oda would wait that long for Carrot to appear, especially after Bonney being introduced

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Didn’t the spoilers said they found her before that?

>brief and forgettable "daddy" Corazon even being among 1-30
Hello fujosister

Man, I wanna see Balloon Terminal. It sounds super cool, like a Water 7 for hot air balloons and airships.

Justified for garbage arcs like Dressrosa and Wano

Yeah, there's no reason for it be kept secret from the reader.


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uh oh stinky
i bet luffy left this box with meat outside and it went bad. better throw it out before someone gets sick!

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That guy looks like 40 yr old Sanji who didn’t get the good or bad ending.

Never ever ever

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That barrel is definitely not Carrot but, in response to your question, could they not have said goodbye to her and then she snuck into it afterwards?

I can't give any sense to that, I would be glad if she end up joining but the wait and what you said would ruin it, it would just be stupid and insulting toward everyone.
Robin was well handled for example.

>Is this real?

it's because she already joined. That's right. She joined offscreen. She hasn't appeared yet because she's resting, wano was too intense for her. Bounty you ask? well, she did nothing in wano...

Luffy’s dream: I wanna punch “God” in the balls

>that dont mean shit in the end
>literally aliens

She is not.

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SHs lack of warm goodbyes at the end of Wano is OoC as fuck but they did it to Momo and Kin too. Oda had no time.

I read what I read and I said what I said you fuckin pussy. What kind of man would I be if I changed my allegiances now? I rather go down with the ship than be a bitch

Bunny needs to go on adventures

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I thought Vicky was a girl when I was a kid

Honestly after Wano I've just accepted Oda is a hack, if she does pop out we'll probably get a flashback revealing how sad everyone was they never said goodbye.

Previously on Vague Piece.


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>timeskip finally confirmed
>Carrotfags still shitting up the thread with muh barrel/crate

She has been the top 1 girl to me for years

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>stop feeding my elephant those shitty peanuts Kizaru, it's too high in protein and he gets stomach aches from it

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No in the post when Redon talks about her he said it was after the Luffy talk

Oh wait, I'm retarded. And disappointed. What a waste of a cool name for a literally nothing location.

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>Nardo is better at foreshadowing than One Piece
Wtf is this, Odabros??

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This. Oda would NOT be stalling this long for fucking Carrot of all characters; someone he sidelined for all of Wano. It’s pure delusion.

FUCKING VIVIMIND, bless you, user

BASED I had a similar dream when I was a kid

How many days do bunnies survive without air? If it's a lot Carrot is in. She even chained the barrel with telekinesis so that the Minks don't drag her back.

The celestial dragons are related to aliens
Doflamingo hides his eyes



>Carrot fucking off to Zou and proving right the guy that offed her mentor is actually her character arc

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They knew that Momo would come to them, there is no excuses, just shit writing by Offscreening everything, OP is dead.

How the fuck Smoker is ranked so well ?

That’s partially why I personally gave up in 1058.

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I never noticed the elephant wtf kind of a Japanese garden ornament is that

At this point i already took off the hopium tank, but like Oda have been doing in the past chapters, it could have been offscreened or they did say goodbye to her and she stowaway after.
Im not saying that this going to happen but the possibility is still there.

No grass for her

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>How many days do bunnies survive without air? If it's a lot Carrot is in

that's some Park Ranger shit right there ahahahahahahahahahahaha

Yes. Just like Yamato proved Ryokugyu right.

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Thats not an ornament user that’s an actual elephant….

so pretty... I'll never forgive hackda...


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Carrotfags would rather Carrot be dead in a barrel and on the ship than simply where Oda said she is.


I don't expect her to join anymore, she'll get a goodbye in a flashback

It not getting a goodbye is enough to give you hope then you might as well say fucking Hyogoro is on the Sunny too.

Good design and the only marine that you could argue is a half decent person.

This is a beautiful moment, I liked it way more than the entirety of Fishman Island. I feel in a series with a less cramped cast and less of a hellish clusterfuck of a story this moment would have been Brook moving the Noah with his music instead of having Luffy fucking punch it only to have Oda chickening out of the decision midway and have Giant boobs call the monsters to pull it. All Brook did in FI proper was have a "fight" that was barely any longer than Robin's and tell jokes.

tldr Brook is fucking neat and I wish he was in a comic where he had to share the spotight with 4 other characters tops instead of like 20

Almost got beat by Oden, and the 4 characters right above him make me violently angry, fuck.

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Why would Carrot stowaway a second time anyway? It made sense the first time cause she wasn't that acquainted with the SH's, why would she not simply ask to go with them this time? I think coom has taken control of Carrotfags brains.

>Robin and Vivi having aggressive lesbian sex to let out their frustrations from when they were once on opposing sides

Oh well

Will Nami get jealous?

Stop giving attention to these furry clowns, best girl will be returning soon

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Smoker is a cool character. It's just unfortunate he was the punching bag of Punk Hazard.

Why is Marco popular?