I'm only at episode 4 but this shit is really good. Trigger saved anime once again.

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I wanted it to look great, and it looked even better than great. Trigger once again saved anime.

your shilling still doesn't appear organic

calm down cyberpsycho, it's just a thread.


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Sub human

Are people being ironic? Is this an inside joke or is this actually good?

Actually good

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We're ironic XD
It's bad XD

>here's your ZeroTwo, bro

Saved anime, saved video games, saved streaming. Is there anything they cant do?

>Is there anything they cant do?
Save LWA

Choombas... Did trigger just give us anime of the year?

It’s actually good

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Nothing is organic in cyberpunk retard, everyone is chromed

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So is she a lolibaba or just a short stack?

Is the rocket an allegory for premature ejaculation?

She's a ____cuck____

>anime is so good Any Forums and Any Forums universally agree on it
How does Trigger do it bros?

Just finished it, ngl its been awhile since I've had an anime where eng DUB is so much better than the JPN dub

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Even producers called her a loli

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it has to be since they have a scene where lucy tells him to take off his clothes

I love phossu

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Subs or dubs for this? I didnt play the games. I'm kinda afraid that this might be like psg where the dub has better voice direction, and the fact that it's also a western ip.

user told me eng is better, but I’m still downloading it

Stop shilling this garbage it's not even anime.

>trigger anime made by a 100% japanese staff isn’t anime

I bet Castlevania is anime to you then retard.

It’s only anime if the obese westoid say it’s anime

Does this show actually have uncensored anime pussy or not?
The trailer looked liked so