Are slice of life dying?

Now the only CGDCT anime are gimmick ones like a DIY anime or a fishing anime or a camping anime. There's no more 4koma SOL anime like Yuru Yuri or K-On! or Lucky Star. I miss comedy and moe and non-gimmicky anime.

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club activities aren't a "gimmick" they're what most moe anime have always been. yonkoma are the exception.

Aren't there like multiple of these kinds of shows every season?

K-On! is a gimmick anime too. Just very, very well done.

Isn't that an isekai?

There hasn't been a dimes one in a while. Did anyone actually watch that pottery one?

Can we have more sports animes where innate talent or honed skill are presented as super powers?

Isekai can be SOL too.

For sure we aren't at peak CGDCT anymore, though you still have 4koma SOL on Kirara without any specific themes, they just don't get anime anymore, unless you count yuri as a gimmick since most of Kirara stuff seems to be going in that direction now.

Though thematic focused SOL was just how things turned out, most less gimmicky SOL needed humor to work and most authors can do it for a few chapters and then all they do is repeat the same joke over and over, so having a theme helped the overall quality of the works because it's easier for authors to work around it.

everything is isekai now

now we have isekai cgdct anime

Kumabear S2 when? It was announced but without a date.

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Isn't it great?

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Good. I'm tired of moeshit uguus trying to be cute.
Women can fuck off forever

Non-romcom comedies are in serious decline, yeah. They typically get almost completely ignored outside of Japan which is bad when streaming pays a lot of the production bills. Jashin has a cult following here but it managed to tax fraud its way into 3 seasons. The Vampire Dies in No Time sold amazing in Japan and is getting a S2 but barely anyone watched it here. Uramichi is not even worth calling cult. Literally no one watched Heaven's Design Team.

I feel like it is phasing out, and that is a little sad. On the bright side of things, that trend is so popular you can probably just watch as many slice of life’s as you want and not run out any time soon.

Most sol anime nowadays are isekai, so that niche is kind of filled

I won't check archive but this one is isekai.

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Kirara has two ot three isekai CGDCT too

But we're getting Bocchi!

Also SoL religious war.

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Akebi-chan came out earlier this year and had no gimmick like you mentioned and it was 10/10. You simply need to watch more anime

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