What does the N stand for?

What does the N stand for?

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"N" stands for a value, like in math. If you've ever heard the phrase "to the nth degree", then that's what "N" stands for; he's a detective that's at the "Nth" degree. He's better than your average, run of the mill detective.

It doesn't stand for anything. It's just the second letter after L, like how Mello is M.




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"N"ippon i guess


It starts for Near

Sample size

>N is for “Not anywhere near as good or smart or interesting as L in anyway”

Neo, as in New, because he was the new L.

N is for anywhere and anytime at all

>t. animeonly

He's just as good as L especially in the manga

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We all know L's real name was Ligger, so what was N's real name?

I like that it ends with monsieur