Dead and forgotten

dead and forgotten

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Good riddance.

it was never funny
db was better

Not with the way people will be forever mad


Really? I just bought this manga in jap the other day because of the coomer covers.

another OPM cope thread? It's the manga of the decade get over it

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Story by ONE

Became what it parodied.

>he bought a manga cause of covers instead of looking up r34 for free
pathetic my son

>not collecting doujinshi and physical manga

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can i steal this image brother?

The 1st season of this anime is fucking good it should be the canon ending the rest of the story is fucking garbage just like attack on titan

its the pacing, webcomic was amazing still. Garou got dragged out into generic shounen shit

I speculate ONE doesn't care about One Punch-Man. He paused it to work on Mob, after all.

So I think he let Murata ruin it and drag it out for some extra shekels. It wasn't wise though, since it's hurt ONE's reputation.

Get OPM out of that bums Murata's hands.
ONE knew how to write a damn story.
The only thing I respect Murata for is his art.

Well having things physically and seeing it digitally is a different thing. I wasn't in it just because of le coomer but also Murata's high quality art.


Pacing is AWFUL. Say what you want about ONE's art but god can that dude write a story. Look at MP100 and how that's flowing compared to how slowly OPM trudges along.

His panel flow too.

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one's original comic is still putting out chapters
I just read that
dependence on good aesthetics leads to weakness in other areas