Dragon Ball Super

Silence... SILENCE, ALL OF YOU. QUIET. Bejita is thinking.

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Heaven has gained another angel.

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Dude literally has as much soul as your computer. When he died he stopped existing. That's probably preferable to Dragon Ball heaven. That place sucks.

The Prince and his Vassal

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Remember when Trunks started beating up Gohan's corpse?

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Remember that Tardku's Zodiac is the RAT, and laugh!

If Goku stayed evil on earth he would have worked for Pilaf. Bulma also gets turned into a carrot and dies.


Now with sound!

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When the saiyans eventually arrive Kami fuses with DK Piccolo and kills them. DK piccolo kills Pilaf and becomes the new God king of earth.

So what would have happened if Cheelai made that wish to send Broly back to Vampa earlier during the fight with Gogeta? Would he still be under a blind rage that he would have destroyed Vampa in anger?

Nobody cares about this random flash shit.

Everyone cares about your random flash GOLD.

Vegeta only thinks about Goku.

Nah, he would just rampage for a bit and take a nap. I'm pretty sure Super Broly can't breathe in space like his Z Counterpart. Z Broly doesn't even need air the function.

How would Dragon Ball heaven suck?

>tracing a Goku image for this traced worthless character
I'm puking.

What if Goku was betrayed and trapped in the time chamber??

SHARTku lost.

Why does this remind me of Madness Combat?

This is an iconic Goku pose. How dare it be wasted on this garbage filler character.