>I am forgotten..

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This meme thread format was never good.

maybe by the average user attention fag

Theres still the manga and LN's you can read.

Interestingly all the 3 different medias are unique from each other.
Anime has intentionally fugly female characters, streamlines everything, condenses events into 1 for efficiency, makes tanya look unhinged for comedy I guess.

The manga has "pretty" designs, the proportions are a bit weird since the artist did yaoi hentai, theres lots of pictures with manga filters on them, lots of misunderstanding humor where 2 different characters thoughts are being displayed to have different ideas while reaching same conclusion.

The LNs have some really amateurish writing, the author pads word count by consistently saying same thing twice in short order making it quite frustrating to read. The author pretends Tanya has his hobby of reading military books by the dozen back in japan and knows world military history by heart. Things that the anime or manga latch onto and make into a big climax the LN just mentions off hand and doesn't pay any special attention to.

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Never forget the salaryman loli.


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Is this that isekai story where a dude enters a little girl's body or something? Is OP's picture that dude in the girl's body?

I really love the shoujo artstyle the manga has out of all others.

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Is it gay to nut to her porn?

So long the body is female, no, it's not.
Same for ranma as a girl. That's the rule.

There's some serious Takarazuka-esque visuals from the artist, it looks almost thematically in the same ballpark as Utena at times.

The manga is the ONLY one that draws them with helmets on their fucking long range 8k feet flight missions.

cute malewife


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I will never forget you mein kaiser. Hail Degurechaff.

She's iconic and liked.
Also her ED's a banger.

gifting Tanya cute character-print panties

AU where Being X curses Tanya to also be fat when?

ironically it seems we have less threads after the s2 announcement

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I have a cool figma or her

the hal version is better