Love Live!

I love this couple so much. MeiShiki is so cute and canon

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>last thread died without reaching bump limit
What went wrong?

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Gayest ship since yupomu

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cute when they are having marital sex with their same husband and they get a cute big pregnancy belly

When Shiki wants a child, she will just give the futa potion to Mei

oversaturation within the market

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Not even in the top 10 of gay ships

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Just here to say that I hope the threads keep dying. Making the threads into a general was the biggest blunder ever by the liellafags, because it keeps attracting the idolfag and his enemy the anti-idolfag. We should go back to how the threads were in Nijigasaki s1 days, just one thread per episode, then if the episode deserved more discussion you would get more episodes.

>Making the threads into a general was the biggest blunder ever by the liellafags
Ever since the times of Aqours at least I remember always seeing at least one LL thread up when a series was in emission.

we didn't have regular threads in the interim between aqours and nijigasaki, and when Nijigasaki started airing threads would have regular intervals between each other. Now some autist is really hellbent on keeping threads alive even when there's nothing to discuss, and half the fucking threads are just imagedumps for the purpose of bumping

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Not even related to those fags but yeah, 24/7 threads are always cancerous.

>because it keeps attracting the idolfag and his enemy the anti-idolfag
Wouldn't you agree, however, that the anti-idolfag (who I'm not) isn't NEARLY as bad? Or are you that desperate to defend your idolfag boyfriend, huh?

No one likes Supershit
we want Niji S3

Yeah, because threads didn't die while Niji was airing.

Nope. Anti-idolfag is far worse. Always replying to the bait. Always bitching when the thread is not made by him.

The Idolfag is actually pretty funny.

LL threads are the worse out of all the current airing Idol show threads. No-one wants to use them because of all the shitposting. E Hearts has the comfiest.

New fire emblem looks great

The new Sunshine series is not out yet. superstar is as vanilla as it gets.