Would you have forgiven her?

Would you have forgiven her?

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no and dagumi was right to choose a faithful golf girl over this whore
anyway here is some eurobeat

Ew, ugly.

golf girls are boring

nope what she did was awful

I always liked that Takumi shut her down instantly with no hesitation.
The dude doesn't fuck around.

she was trying to earn money for her mother, her motivations were pure

I'd do the same as Takumi - forgive but friendzone her. Besides as romances in Initial D go, that one at least ended on a good note.

takumi is autistic, who gives a shit

itsuki is the one who deserved better

I don't even remember the golf bitch. Slutsuki was at least memorable.

did he end up marrying golf girl in the future?

Yes, it was mentioned in MF Ghost.

still bad

Yes, its not like she did anything wrong? Sure shes doing compensated dating but CMIIW shes still virgin right? KanoKari also doing this but people seems like forgiving the girls.

>itsuki is the one who deserved better
Itsuki deserved to be scammed into buying a Ferio kit car that he thought was a real Ferrari.

Thought of the live action movie and pretty much the same deal.

>shes still virgin right?

Nah man, never trust a whore.

You are delusional.
Even if she never fucked the salaryman, shes still a whore.

Bitch had a Mercedes. A salaryman in Japan can't afford that. He was a local big shot.

>mako: come with me to Tokyo to fuck like crazy and talk about cars all day
>iketani: haha good luck in tokyo

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golf takumi was boring thought, why didn't the author go with Sayaka?

No one who drives a civic can ever be cool. I know, I have one myself.