Choujin X

Umecardobros...we won

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This looks really nice buthy not just wait for volume extras that come out tomorrow, with all the illustration cards in better quality?

All the illustration cards in better quality

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Goddamn Ely can't decide on an eye color

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Johan bros rise up

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There are 3 Ely's

Her real eye color is blue (see volume cover) and Im pretty sure for this illustration he did it for aesthetic purposes to match the color of the smoke.

Kill yourself.

My wife Ririka looks like a noble wife here

Kinda a funny aesthetic match between Ume twintails and Ricardo tentacles. It's will be interesting to see them as recurring duo.

Calm down Ricardo

new chap when my homos

The last time we got a new chapter after the start of a new volume was on the 19th, so probably around 1 more week. Tomorrow we get volume extras though

A month

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why Not Johan is so hot

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So he can trick you into thinking he's a good guy

I love Ume so much. Unstable girls are hopelessly alluring.

>blonde hair
>blue eyes
he's aryan

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meant for