Sailor moon

I want her to torture me

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Just watch new season then


she's so perfect bros...

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Obviously shitposting/troll/bait. No ones like ami unironically

i love her and i never post ironically

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love Ami

>dude studying
>dude computers
>dude bubbles
Worst senshi and that's not even up for debate.

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I just want her to fuck me, you weirdo

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When are we going to get more news/trailers about Cosmos? I know Crystal was a letdown but I always wanted a faithful adaptation of Manga Stars so I am looking forward to it

Mercury should literally just pick up Mars and toss her through one of the walls of the temple.

>Lame nerd who makes bubbles vs the girl who actually has super powers outside of her sailor state.

Yeah, that would go super well for Ami.

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I want to know how they're doing in Elysium, and what kind of horrible advice they're giving to Helios.

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Hair too short

What if Senshi but Gyaru?

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