Tell me where the movie is!

Tell me where the movie is!

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Only when you buy FlipFlappers BD

We have, like, two?

4 left

my pp yearns Ange

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Nice handfuls

Only the best.

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pripri pripri

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It was delayed due to the Queen passing, prease understand

bump because I recently watched the series and am in the middle of writing up my thoughts

Would you rather have another season than 6 movies released in 10 years?

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I just finished watching the series a few days ago and SUPER loved it. There were a lot of play-by-play highlights:

-Ep 3 was so thrilling that I didn't think that Beatrice would use her voice-changer at the end of it to save Ange, especially as she was shown to be insecure about it; it was so smart of her. I imagine she had already overcame her trauma of getting the voice-changer forced onto her by her dad throughout the series with how she gladly uses it when needed and how she's good with machines despite the association of machines with her dad.
-Ep 5 where Beatrice didn't flinch at all when protecting Princess from the assassin. That was so brave of her. When he said "you've grown so much" and Chise's eyes were hidden afterwards I knew what was up. Perhaps that's why he couldn't kill her, because deep down he couldn't bring himself to. Definitely cried at the subsequent scene.
-Ep 6 was bittersweet in general, I cried when things were looking up for the washing mill girls, and when they were upset over the girls leaving. For the record I accidentally watched Ep 6 before Ep 5. It doesn't matter at all but when else am I going to mention it.
-Ep 7 had a lot of emotional whiplash, from pity (the scene where Dorothy's dad had a tantrum shouting that he did not asked to lose his hand hurt in particular) to sadness to happiness back to being sad again. I'm glad that there wasn't a scene of Dorothy being told the news because that would have destroyed me. I also liked the scene where Dorothy confided in Beatrice of her past which was a moment of vulnerability for who I think is a reliable person It showed that she trusts her, despite being in a group of liars.


-Ep 8 was when I felt the White Doves were truly friends with each other and are not on professional terms, with how they did the Japanese-style celebration for Chise. It was also satistfying to see Chise getting the better of the bully.
-Ep 9's relevations were too much for me to handle. I should mention that whenever Ange smiles it warms my heart because shows that she's not really ruthless after all. (For the record I had thought that in Episode 1 she took the insurance money and the ballet girl died but later while writing this whole thing up I found out that the money did go through for her operation. She's still ruthless regardless though.) I also appreciate the friendship between Beatrice and Dorothy.
-In Ep 10 I liked the little scene where Dorothy praised Beatrice. Needless to say I'm sad with how it ended up with Eleanor.
-In Ep 11 it made me happy to see Ange being open with her feelings, but also pained me to see her sad, as she has always been emotionally strong and knows what to do at every given moment, but at the end she really didn't know what to do. Also there have been a lot of plot twists to keep track of.
-I liked the little scene in Ep 12 where Beatrice hopped up and down while spinning around. It's when I felt that everything's going to be alright because the gang's all here. Thinking about it Beatrice has been the bravest of the White Doves.

I liked Chise, Beatrice, and Dorothy, but if I have to pick an outright favorite it would be Chise, because she is pretty and I appreciate how she conducts herself with self-respect and courtesy.

What are your favorite moments from the series and who is your favorite?

I am also following Girls und Panzer which is doing the same thing (interestingly both series did a collab months ago) so I know how having 6 movies being released intermittently (and getting subbed even later) feels so I'd rather have another season so I can get closure faster but at the same time I think it's important to try to enjoy the ride too.

Oh yeah I should mention that I haven't watched the first movie yet but I have seen the audio dramas though.

The movies are decent and clearly set up an overarching plotline

My favourite eps were with the laundry girls and Dorothy's dad

based, I just enjoyed watching shenanigans of a group of cute and funny less biens

A minor thing that I really liked in episode 4 was pic related, as Ange was going solo and hesitated before going down this weird machinery. It confirmed how much her usual behavior during spy action is pretty much just an act.
Ange in general was my favorite character. Glorious design and she was equally silly, dorky, cute, but also cool, professional, badass.

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good shit

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i don't understand the scenes where they're both fucking around with all of the guard's cards inside the train.

Isn't the scene focused on them talking about deception? It's the one where theyre waiting for the japanese assassin